RecFaces on shaping security: Celebrating women’s leadership in the security industry

RecFaces on shaping security: Celebrating women’s leadership in the security industry

Women have been the pillars of economic growth since ancient times. Whether it is running a household, or leading high-worth corporations, women have had a high footprint in all sectors of business activities. They have been exhibiting business resilience, intelligence and competence through years and years. Honouring the contributions of women in and around all domains of life, the United Nations is observing this year’s International Women’s Day with the theme ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Growth.’

In the years of societal struggles and challenges to establish a strong foot in the business scene, a constant belief in women’s talent and capabilities helped them move ahead stronger. As a result, the presence of women in major ministries, law enforcement offices, critical industries and diverse business domains is increasing rapidly. This brings the much-deserved spotlight to the unabated talent and determination of women all around the world. And the security sector remains one of the most important sectors where women’s contribution has been more than prominent.

With the increasing importance of gender inclusion and breaking stereotypical norms, the participation of women in the security industry roles in 2022 touched 25%. This is an example of the impact and resilience that women bring into the industry. While the obstacles of gender bias can be overpowering in the past, the societal perspective is shifting towards a positive change where women’s leadership is encouraged.

  • Women are bringing a talent-driven stance to the security industry, leading companies towards successful business.
  • The dedication and patience exemplified by women are encouraging a positive change in the security ecosystem, understanding the key challenges in the industry and providing productive solutions to solve these challenges.
  • The ideation and execution of security protocols and processes through women leaders opens up new opportunities for a more inclusive and agile environment.

Historic difficulties that women were facing were because of the stereotypes and societal norms that confined them from holding meaningful positions in the security sector. Women’s journey in security has been demonstrating the power of resilience and determination, striking the deeply-rooted social biases that limited their involvement in such important fields. The societal obstacles of gender bias, which had caused women to suffer exclusion, are gradually being replaced by a more inclusive perspective. It recognizes the capability and potential of women to play a prominent part in security.

The recent years have witnessed a surge of female participation within the security industry. Greater investments in inclusive growth and diversity in the workforce have led companies to unimagined success and recognition, and for good reason. Such an approach combines talents and dynamics to bring about a knowledge-based transformation in operations ensuring efficiency and excellence.

As it is today, women are holding positions in security, intelligence and law enforcement in rising numbers. With the increasing digitization of security processes, physical security is rapidly becoming a collaboration of on-ground surveillance and visionary management through remote control. This has encouraged more and more women to be part of the ideation and execution of security protocols. In the light of changing security threats, the industry is gaining the consciousness that only unified efforts can be effective in embarking upon such threats to create a more secure and resilient environment.

Women in security at RecFaces

At RecFaces, women are the key thought leaders driving through the security domain. We are proudly led by Eugenia Marina, the Director of Business Development, in the Middle East and North Africa region. Eugenia brings revolutionary business thought and unmatched expertise to the security sector.

Eugenia is a highly experienced professional in facial recognition and sales/project management and has dramatically helped improve our solutions over the years. Her numerous successfully executed projects in the MENA region, like integrating facial recognition solutions at a state institution in Saudi Arabia and a data centre in Egypt, illustrate her deep understanding of the security industry. She is active across the entire range of services which include initial contact, training webinars, and after-sales services. As a result, customers get an experience that is personalized as well as great. Eugenia can blend her technical knowledge with great communication skills perfectly enabling her to manage responsibilities of great importance flawlessly. Her performance-driven approach, combined with her unshakable adherence to win-win solutions, enables Eugenia to establish trusting and respected relationships in the industry. It is at RecFaces where Eugenia Marina is a part of the main guiding force spearheading our operations while revolutionizing facial recognition technology in the MENA region.

While casting an introspective glance at women in security, one cannot help but see that great progress went hand in hand with the unavoidable challenges. Previously, women usually found jobs only to raise extra family money, being controlled by cultural norms and deprived of career rights and freedom. However, the security industry landscape over the years is visualizing women as serious entrepreneurs and leading the way to business in security. At the current pace, the women’s workforce in the security industry is expected to stand globally at 35% by 2031. Women’s journey in security has been demonstrating the power of resilience and determination, striking the deeply-rooted social biases that limited their involvement in important fields.

About the author

Eugenia Marina, RecFaces Business Development Director for the MENA region is an expert in facial biometrics and project sales.