RecFaces biometric access control implemented at iSpace office in Dubai

RecFaces biometric access control implemented at iSpace office in Dubai

International biometric software solutions developer RecFaces has integrated their ID-Gate facial recognition system into iSpace, a high-tech office in Dubai.

Access Control at iSpace Smart Office has been improved and streamlined as a result of RecFaces ID-gate facial recognition technology. Authorized personnel and guests have their face scanned and checked against a record, allowing swift access when required without the need for keys or cards.

Additionally, the system works faster than the majority of card readers or manual keys, allowing for enhanced convenience for employees.

Through facial recognition, workers can also effortlessly go through automatic doors and turnstiles and use elevators and storage lockers.

Id-Gate’s intelligent office system can display personalized greetings and any other media content, and grant access to a smart locker system for secure storage of personal belongings. This software package is designed to significantly increase loyalty and provide a high level of hospitality at the facility.

The technology is easily incorporated into existing systems around the smart office, unifying security and further pushing the office into its high-tech environment.

We are committed to providing the most advanced and proven technological solutions to our customers,’ says Pavel Taptygin, Head of Leasing and Asset Management at Inex Group, owner of the iSpace smart office.