AMNCO: Leading Security Solutions Provider

With 40 years of expertise, AMNCO provides trusted Security Solutions, cash services, and facility management in Saudi Arabia. Renowned for pioneering services in security and money transfer, Amnco offers comprehensive consultations, risk assessments, and tailored solutions, ensuring the highest security levels for facilities, employees, and customers across the Kingdom.

Vision To be a company whose primary goal is the customer by providing security services that are safe, available, innovative, and designed according to the customer’s needs. Mission Providing wide-ranging security solutions and applying the highest standards, relying on experienced people supported by our achievements.


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Phone: 920007030
Location: 8862 Al Arz – Al Olaya Dist. Unit No 1986, Riyadh 12611 – 2400, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Magnet Axiom Cyber 8.0: new features!

Axiom Cyber 8.0 covers a lot of ground, including new features to support eDiscovery, incident response, mobile investigations, and a new AI early-access solution. Explore what 8.0 has to offer.

1. Streamline collections for eDiscovery with RSMF exports
From a single message or attachment, export the entire chat thread to RSMF to easily import it into Relativity for legal reviewers.

2. Parsing the MFT file for IR triage
Commonly used to triage cyber incidents, you can now quickly search the parsed MFT file within Axiom Cyber before processing the entire image for further investigation.

3. Early access to Magnet Copilot’s AI capabilities
Leverage new AI tools to quickly surface relevant evidence and identify deepfake media.

4. New Mobile View
An intuitive and visual view of mobile data—quickly and easily navigate gigabytes of data with the same ease and familiarity as scrolling through the phone.

5. AWS cloud storage acquisition enhancements
A new authentication method and support for EC2 multi-volume snapshots has been added to the AWS acquisition workflow.

6. Unified logs + large case performance improvements
We added an artifact which parses Apple’s proprietary Unified Logs and allows the user to review key information from them to find evidence, plus we improved the speed of Axiom Cyber when loading cases, applying filters, loading artifact details, and exporting reports.

We’ve also updated and added to our artifact support (read the full blog for additional details)

Upgrade to Axiom Cyber 8.0 within the AXIOM Cyber interface or through the Customer Portal.

Request your free trial here.

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How to boost security across multi-site chain stores

Securing a single premises can be difficult enough. But the challenge of maintaining security often grows significantly when more than one location needs to be protected. Hik-Connect Team Mode offers the perfect solution for managing and enhancing security across different stores in different locations.

As a store owner, it is a sure sign of success when your store business starts to grow and add more locations. However, when a single store turns into a chain of stores, maintaining security becomes increasingly challenging.
There are several reasons why you may consider an integrated solution to manage overall security. You may find it difficult to manage multiple sites at the same time; you might want to save on the costs associated with on-site security staff and systems; or you might feel overwhelmed by the complexities of networking configurations.

The right security solution can go a long way towards protecting all your sites and staff, as well as improving operational efficiency. With a powerful security platform tailored to multi-site locations, you can save time and money, simplify management, and achieve peace of mind as your business expands.

If you’re looking for a solution that can grow and adapt to your chain-store business, Hik-Connect Team Mode has everything you need. Hik-Connect is a unified cloud-based platform designed for households, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and multi-site enterprises. In Team Mode, Hik-Connect is not limited to chain stores. It is also perfect for all sorts of other multi-site businesses, including fast food restaurants, cafes, gas stations, and more, regardless of their locations across countries.

With Hik-Connect, securing and managing your locations has never been easier. Explore more on our website or contact us directly.


The Power of Unified Critical Communication

Unification of critical communication technologies represents a paradigm shift in the way people and businesses communicate, making a transition from traditional, siloed communication to more collaborative communication approach. Here you can explore how unified critical communication solutions are helping various industries.

Unifying critical communication solutions is not a new technology but rather a novel approach to integrations of various communication technologies. With this approach, diverse communication solutions, whether it’s public address, voice evacuation, or IP speakers, work together to present a consistent and unified experience for users as well as system operators. Historically, these communication technologies are treated as separate systems and delivered by different vendors and system integrators. We often overlook the multitude of benefits that can be unlocked by a unified approach.

The shift from siloed communication systems to a unified platform not only improves overall security but also streamlines the workflow for control room operators, reducing onboarding time and minimizing the risk of errors. With fewer integration points, the system’s reliability increases, ensuring continuous operation even if one technology fails.

Industries ranging from healthcare to transportation benefit significantly from unified communication systems. In hospitals, these solutions enable real-time communication between paramedics and surgical staff, ensuring better preparedness and faster response during critical situations. In the transportation sector, unified communication facilitates seamless coordination between rail staff and emergency services, enhancing passenger safety and operational efficiency.

For more information on how unified critical communication can benefit your organization, visit Zenitel at, read our white paper here and register here to know more.