WatchNET IoT: Environmental Monitoring & Control System

WatchNET IoT offers complete range of wireless Environmental Monitoring Solution (EMS). WatchNET IoT monitors critical environmental conditions like Temperature, Humidity, Power, Water Leakage, Air Quality, Smoke, Motion, Soil Moisture, Relay, Occupancy, Security & more. Complete range for IoT Sensors, IoT Gateway, Accessories, Cloud application, Mobile APP from a single source.

WatchNET IoT offers wide range of wireless IoT sensors (flexible choices over 100+ LoRa sensors), IoT Convertors, IoT Gateway, Cloud based Software. All our smart wireless IoT sensors uses LoRa technology; designed specifically for long-range & low-powered communications. Our LoRa Gateway has the ability to handle complex edge based rule processing for automated applications. Our EMS solution is revolutionary which fits for every industry. We bestow a smart IoT technology to the world with multiple applications.

Our EMS solution provide multiple BENEFITS such as Predictive Maintenance, Energy Savings, Labour Cost Reduction, Increased Equipment Efficiency & more…

We cover every business verticals & provide SOLUTIONS as follows …

  • Greenhouse Monitoring
  • Cold-Storage & Climate Controlled Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Data Centers
  • Telecom & Banking
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Hospital & Medical Laboratories
  • Residential & Hospitality Industry
  • Gymnasium

An ultimate smart technology that helps every industry to operate effectively, efficiently & economically.
Infinite Ideas & Infinite Applications from WatchNET IoT.


Get more from your installation with Genetec Professional Services

Every year, physical security systems are growing larger and becoming more complex. As more security devices come online, cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities are on the rise too. For many customers, maintaining the health of the IT infrastructure that supports these physical security systems can put an additional strain on resources.

Introducing Astrophysics AI™ – the first fully-integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. This proprietary visual software automatically identifies dangerous objects within scanned x-ray images, ensuring no threat goes undetected. Once a threat is identified the software highlights its location in a box, and alerts screening personnel to conduct a physical inspection.

So, how can your business increase the reliability, cybersecurity, and performance of your physical security systems?

Through our Professional Services group, you get direct access to a Genetec expert.
They’ll know the ins and outs of your environment and what you want to achieve in your deployment.

This might involve deploying our cloud services at a remote location, migrating to our IP access control system, or trialling a new module like our digital evidence management system. No matter what your goals are, our Professional Services team works alongside your integrator to offer all the in-house knowledge and support you need.

When all is said and done, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Genetec system is working at full potential, always secure, and set up to evolve in line with your requirements.

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Hikvision Intelligent Traffic System – Smart Traffic, Smart Transit

As city populations grow, so do car ownership and the burdens on urban traffic systems. The key objective remains keeping everyone moving safely and responsibly on the road, optimizing the use of available transportation and parking resources, and responding to traffic and security events as swiftly as possible.

Hikvision’s Intelligent Traffic System helps alleviate these concerns altogether. It effectively regulates traffic order by detecting and managing various road violations, such as running the red light, speeding, improper lane usage, illegal parking, etc. It also helps optimize traffic flow and ease gridlock by adjusting red and green light durations according to actual road conditions. An ITS guidance screen can be placed near congested areas to display alternate route information to keep traffic under control, reduce driver frustration, and relieve officers from having to manually directing traffic in dangerous conditions.

At entrances and exits, Hikvision’s ANPR Cameras automatically recognize a vehicle’s plate number and display it on the control center screen. The Authorized List function with barrier integration enables quick and fluid passing of registered vehicles, preventing congestion at entrances and exits and improving traffic efficiency. The Parking Guidance System combines deep learning algorithms, video monitoring, and information dissemination technologies to give drivers dynamic, real-time information about parking availability within controlled bays. The system helps drivers find the closest parking spaces available. Then, by simply entering their plate number in full or in part, the vehicle can be easily located on the floor map as well as the best route to it.

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