Advanced industrial design

The interactive panels feature optical bonding to reduce reflection and eliminate ghosting for a fluid writing experience. Elegant in appearance and pleasant to the touch, with ultra-fine 150 mesh sandblasting, these screens offer you extraordinary use experience. You’ll enjoy using an original world-class panel to support your 4K display with anti-glare and blue light filtering. 

Friendly and efficient UI

A friendly UI design provides a all-around better experience with concise homepage, minus-one screen, and three new shortcuts. We’ve also added a two-screen split display and one-click switching between Android and Windows operating systems.

Built-in whiteboard software

With pen pick-up detection, graphic recognition, built-in search engine, and QR sharing and saving – among several other powerful functions – these displays will provide a truly memorable conference experience for the presenter and the audience.

Wireless projection

These interactive flat panels provide easy image projection with a simple two-step setup. Teams will enjoy the simultaneous projection of up to four devices, and reverse control as well. This is the next-big-thing for more efficient and intelligent idea sharing and teamwork.

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Vandal-proof filter fan Kit

The filter fan kits are devised for the installation in a limited space of electrical enclosures, that can be used for the deployment of protected outdoor video surveillance systems. The devices feature a vandal-proof original design.

NSBon-19 kit is designed for mounting in electrical enclosures in order to bring outside air into the enclosure from the bottom and force the hot air out of the top of the other side. The units are made in a vandal-proof housing with the possibility of quick filter replacement. The kit includes two housing, two fans both intake and exhaust, two filters.

Fan filter units are used for enclosure climate control to dissipate heat from within the enclosure to prevent the premature failure of the equipment inside it. It helps to increase an operational reliability and a service life for electrical and electronic systems.

The filter fan kit is suitable for the most types of electrical enclosures whereas it has been created for outdoor access nodes, referred to as NSBox, that used for the deployment of protected outdoor video surveillance systems. The Nodes provide trouble proof operation of connected video cameras with a secure power supply, reliable data transmission, and protection of sensitive equipment from power surges.



New Synergis Cloud Link helps with the move to open platform access

Genetec Inc. has launched a new generation of its Synergis Cloud Link PoE-enabled IoT gateway for access control. Manufactured in North America to mitigate supply chain delays, Synergis Cloud Link addresses increasing demand for non-proprietary access control solutions and provides a safe and secure gateway to a cloud or hybrid deployment.

When modernising an existing security system, Synergis Cloud Link’s open architecture allows organisations to leverage their current access control infrastructure and easily upgrade to a secure IP-based solution.

Synergis Cloud Link provides a more efficient approach to multi-site deployments and replaces the need for servers, reducing the cost of ownership. The Synergis Cloud Link IoT gateway has embedded functionalities that keep an organisation’s access control running even when connection to the server is down.

The new generation of Synergis Cloud Link provides more features, enhanced cyber security, and helps future-proof security installations. Synergis Cloud Link features enhanced cyber security such as encrypted user data, Secure Boot, and an EAL6+ industry gold standard Secure Element that stores cryptographic elements.

The device is compatible with non-proprietary access control modules from the industry’s most established manufacturers including HID Global, Axis Communications, ASSA ABLOY, Mercury Security, Allegion, Simonsvoss, Stid, and others. A single Synergis Cloud Link device can support up to 256 readers and electronic locks, 600,000 cardholders, 150,000 offline events, as well as monitor hundreds of zones and alarms.

Synergis Cloud Link features a new firmware design, improving reliability and lifecycle management and updates management. It also opens the door to containerised approach for operating software on the device, expanding its future capabilities.



Resilient by design

When it comes to safety and security, resilience is key. You need your surveillance system to be working 24/7 and you need the confidence that if something does go wrong, there will be no impact to your operations. This is what you get with Secure Logiq and Seagate.

Seagate’s world-renowned expertise in very high-density SAN storage applications and Secure Logiq’s cutting edge understanding of the surveillance industry provides the perfect solution for security professionals in the Middle East where retention times for CCTV footage are comparably longer than in other territories and exacting standards mean that second-best will never do.

Seagate’s high-capacity, high-density SAN solutions offer full redundancy and high availability with dual controllers and dual data path support to all drives. This extra peace of mind makes them the perfect solution to meet the storage requirements of security professionals in the Middle East.

Secure Logiq’s new Logiqal CORE solution adds another layer of resilience to the solution. Logiqal CORE is a new software layer from Secure Logiq that has been designed for security industry applications and delivers both virtualisation and resilience. No matter what VMS you use, Secure Logiq’s Logiqal CORE offers everything from the simplest like for like failover, through to complicated setups such as multiple remote sites failing to a single site or partial failover if you don’t need full failover for all of your system. Most importantly, Logiqal CORE provides application failover while also replicating your storage function. This means that you will still have your historic archive.

Get hands-on with this powerful combination at Secure Logiq’s new Dubai office. Experience the pairing in action with Seagate’s Exos E 5U84 and Secure Logiq’s Logiqal CORE highlighting the superior levels of resilience that can be achieved when you choose this trusted partnership.

The combined knowledge and tools of Secure Logiq and Seagate make data storage for the security industry as simple as switching on a light. Join us in our Dubai office to discover how we can help your project.

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