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Beaver Antics Caught on Camera by Raytec IR

Raytec’s VARIO2 IR illuminators have been used to capture the antics of a pair of beavers who are helping to reduce the risk of flooding using their dam-building skills. Achieving exceptional images, the footage has since been used for BBC’s ‘The One Show’ (which will be aired in early 2020).

The Challenge

Freelance producer, Wildlife on Film, work with wildlife trusts, environmental agencies and the BBC to provide effective wildlife footage for documentaries and educational content. This project involved monitoring beavers to study how they can help with flood management.

The goal was to achieve exceptional images of the beavers in their natural habitat. The client needed an illuminator which was small enough to mount inside a custom-made frame whilst being powerful.

They also required a high-quality Infra-Red solution as White-Light would disturb the beavers.

Why Raytec?

VAR2-i2-1 Infra-Red illuminators were the solution. Both illuminators were mounted to the frame, to illuminate wherever the camera pointed.

1. Powerful & Compact

The compact size of the VARIO2-i2-1 units were essential to the success of the project.

The quality of the images were so good that the footage was used on national television. Wildlife on Film commented, “The images are OUTSTANDING and has led to the footage being shown on the BBC. I’ll be using the kit on other projects too.”

2. Interchangeable Lens

VARIO2’s interchangeable lens allowed the client to modify the beam angle to suit each scenario and obtain the best images, whatever the beavers’ position and distance from the camera.

VARIO2 allowed the client to achieve outstanding results, and the quality of illumination was crucial in the footage being used by the BBC.

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IDIS AI innovations for retail & banking

IDIS is poised to extend its analytics and deep learning capabilities, and to lead the sector with more advanced projects in the Middle East, with the launch a powerful line-up of Edge VA bullet and fixed domes featuring essential onboard analytics, to be showcased at Intersec (19-21 January, stand SA-A28).

The new camera range leverages the power of IDIS Instant Meta Filtering to search video data stored on IDIS NVRs, through the totally cost- and license-free IDIS Centre VMS. This makes it easy to search by appearance, colour and type of object. The new cameras will also make investigating incidents easier, with new people search capabilities removing the need for security staff to check hours of footage.

Another big draw, the latest iteration of IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA) technology is the industry’s most accurate AI solution for security and life safety applications, with a tested 98% accuracy. IDLA can recognise an intrusion, loitering, trespassing or a person falling over, in real-time, and trigger a notification.

Analytics appliances and specialist cameras now include: new 12MP and 5MP Super Fisheyes, giving complete situational awareness from a single camera, while the new DC-C4212RX 2MP micro dome camera also makes its Middle East debut. These latest camera models compliment analytic appliances such as in the Box”VA in the Box and AI in the Box, with cost-effective edge analytics that deliver valuable customer behaviour intelligence, with data tools including heat mapping, people counting, queue management and reporting.

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CPAS advanced under vehicle surveillance systems

Get perfect visual analytics with the CPAS under vehicle surveillance systems. These systems offer full adaptability to leading PSIM/C2/VSM platforms while easily integrating to leading control systems such as Genetec, Milestone and others. These ruggedized flush mount frames are ideal for securing vehicle entry points at Government, Military and Corporate facilities.

Comm Port Technologies has been designing and manufacturing specialized security inspection systems since 1998. Today Comm Port expands its lead in under vehicle surveillance systems with the advanced CPAS Series – an innovative and cost effective under vehicle inspection systems that now supports both single-lane and multi-lane access across multi-site command and control centers. The CPAS series has been engineered to support up to 110 Ton weight capacity with no additional cost to the user. With a powerful LPR/ANPR and open API, these systems are easily integrated into industry leading PSIM/C2/VMS platforms. Systems now offer Comm Ports’ ACDM software that utilizes the latest technology for computer vision.

With the CPAS series, security personnel can view in real-time and full color the entire length of the vehicle. There is no waiting as with line-scan systems and no need for an expensive image-processing computer. CPAS now comes standard supporting up to 900 FPS – the fastest in the industry. Full high definition color is easily supported even with vehicles moving up to 75KMPH. As part of the updated package, CPAS now includes easy integration to third party control systems such as Genetec, Milestone and others. For more details visit our website at


Witness the state-of-the-art surveillance technology by “Infinova” at Intersec 2020

Infinova is all geared up to welcome you at Intersec 2020, one of the world’s leading security exhibition held at Dubai during January 19th till the January 21st, 2020. Infinova is proud to be associated as a ”PLATINUM SPONSOR” for the show third year in a row. Infinova will show its Latest Technology Offerings at the show.

Infinova is a leading Global Security Products Manufacturer, headquartered in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, USA and having various offices worldwide. Committed to technology, quality and reliability, Infinova delivers state-of-the-art Digital Surveillance Solutions. We specialize in offering Integrated Video Surveillance Solutions with a constant endeavor to deliver cutting-edge technology. Our Integrated Solution Portfolio comprises of High Definition Smart IP Cameras, Specialized Cameras such as Ex-Proof Cameras, Intelligent Video Management Software, Intelligent Network Video Recorders, Video Analytics, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Traffic Management Solutions and Financial and Retail Surveillance Solutions. Moreover, Infinova specializes in offering seamless Customized Integrations with multiple systems thus taking technology and comfort to a completely different level.

At Intersec 2020, we will be demonstrating our latest technology offerings which includes High Definition Face Capture Camera, Starlight Enabled Cameras, 4K cameras, Explosion Proof and Edge-Analytics Enabled Cameras, NVR, Video Management Software and much more.

You can find us at Saeed Hall 1, Booth #S1-G12.

We are looking forward to have your esteemed presence at Infinova Booth- Saeed Hall 1, Booth #S1-G12 @ Intersec, Dubai World Trade Center between Jan 19-21, 2020.

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MVP Tech: Our philosophy is issue prevention rather than issue fixing!

Since our inception in 2003, we believe that Preventative Maintenance is the most cost- efficient way to extend the lifespan and the uptime of both security and IT systems. Since 2015, our number of assets has more than quadrupled, whilst the number of callouts has reduced substantially leading into a callout ratio of less than 1%, well below international benchmarks of 3.5 to 4.5 percent. We saved our clients more than 50.000 manhours per year in addition to reducing business downtime, decreasing failure rates and minimizing spare part costs.

With regular preventative maintenance of both hardware and software, it helps to prevent any sudden malfunctions and costly repairs in the future. As such, it is crucial to keep equipment in exceptional condition to ensure optimal efficiency and compliance with regulations and laws and to reduce spare part cost.

At MVP Tech, we offer both comprehensive and non-comprehensive options as standard, alongside a range of key services including the repairing, replacing, servicing, inspecting and testing of both hardware and software applications on a regular basis.

Our engineering driven workforce operates 24/7 with specialists licenced, certified and trained to troubleshoot. Our specialists are continuously trained in the latest technologies and regulations, with over 4,400 training hours in 2019.

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Empower your organization with collaborative decision-making

Genetec Mission Control is a collaborative decision management system that simplifies incident response through greater situational intelligence and guided action. Designed to eliminate doubt, it filters out noise to provide the essential data, insights, and tools you need to respond to situations quickly and collaboratively.


With smarter sensors, mountains of data, multiple systems, and multiplying stakeholders, indecisiveness can take over. Security professionals and operations managers know all too well that connectivity comes at a cost. From Chicago to Shanghai, and from small offices to commercial campuses, organizations are moving away from basic security, event monitoring, and alarm management. Complicated situations demand sophisticated applications and clear, actionable data to help operators work more effectively and efficiently.

Every organization has experienced operational inefficiency or has suffered a security breach at some point. Mission Control allows operators to detect and take control of problematic situations as they develop. It prioritizes larger incidents and threats – and it removes emotion from the equation by guiding staff through every step until an incident is resolved.

Mission Control allows you to monitor the entirety of your organization through a single pane of glass that brings together all your security applications, including access control, video, ALPR, intrusion, and communications. This is aided by a map-driven monitoring approach that offers you more intuitive visualization and leads to greater awareness and understanding of complex situations. More importantly, Mission Control defines a clear path for evolving beyond monitoring traditional events and alarms. By monitoring incidents that are multi-faceted situations triggered by combinations of events and alarms over time, you free yourself up to address what actually matters and become more efficient over time.