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The New and Improved VARIO2 IP PoE

We’re delighted to introduce a host of exciting new features to our VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators. In this article, we explore these new features in more detail.


Easier Setup and Access

The latest VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators allow for easier setup and access. During setup, each individual lamp is now automatically assigned a random IP address. This ensures lamps never become ‘lost’ during setup and increases the ease.

Advanced Diagnostics

VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators now also provide users with more advanced diagnostics. Accessed via the integrated web interface, lifetime diagnostics are now available to provide information about the lamp’s usage and history.

More Secure

With high levels of security being paramount for many applications, it was our mission to make the latest VARIO2 IP PoE more secure than ever. We’ve established this through stricter access control and the availability of a secondary access port;

Stricter Access Control –Before being able to access the integrated web interface, the user is forced to change the password. This means the user is no longer able to use a default password to set up the lamp.

Secondary HTTP Port Access –The standard Port 80 can be disabled, and the lamp accessed via a secondary HTTP port. The secondary port also makes VARIO2 IP PoE the ideal solution for applications where port 80 has been blocked for greater system security.

IEEE 802.3bt Compatibility

In addition to these new features across the IP PoE range, i8, w8 and hy8 variants are also now bt compatible and can be used with equivalent bt compatible power equipment and injectors.

To discuss how VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators can benefit your project, call us on +44 (0) 1670 520 055, or email Raytec Global at or Raytec Americas at


1 Million Safe Man Hours announcement

We are pleased to announce MVP Tech’s milestone of reaching 1 Million Safe Man Hours without a loss time injury (LTI). This is a great achievement, as despite of the complicated environment such as the pandemic, the extreme conditions of temperature and humidity and the complexity of large-scale projects, our teams managed to maintain excellent safety measures and standards. .

A big thank you needs to be given also to the team members of our HSE department for their dedicated and excellent work to monitor the teams but also to permanently improve our structures, systems and policies in order to reduce the likelihood of incidents to the maximum.

And because they earned it, we have carried out a celebration today, 15th October 2020, for our staff and awarded the top 4 safety and security achievers in order to recognize their contribution and commitment in achieving 1 Million Safe working hours without a LTI.

We would like to congratulate all MVP Teach team members for their outstanding contribution to this achievement. We encourage everyone to continue their efforts towards safety in the same manner.


Five ways you can help protect your organization from cyber attacks

With threat actors becoming more creative, social engineering attacks evolve as well, making it increasingly difficult to protect your organization. Our last cybersecurity blog on cyber hygiene explores the importance of implementing cyber hygiene policies and continuous user education.

1. Learn how to detect a potential social engineering attack

Whether in the form of phishing, ransomware, or pretexting — among others — social engineering attacks are dangerous and often hard to pinpoint. The ability to detect them as soon as possible is vital to protecting your organization against such cyber threats.

2. Educate users on devices

User education on devices is a straightforward, yet vital step in protecting them. It ensures that every member of your organization is aware of the best practices around protecting your organization data. While this begins at onboarding, educating your employees on how to secure their devices is an ongoing process.

3. Implement multi-factor authentication and password management

Password management policies and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are essential when it comes to securing your devices. While a password’s role is straight forward, consistently rotating a strong and randomized password is just as crucial.

4. Keep up with software and hardware best practices

Choosing systems with built-in layers of defense strengthens your organization’s cybersecurity the minute they’re up and running. With many solutions containing built-in security functions like data encryption and endpoint protection, these obstacles make it harder for threat actors to penetrate your systems.

5. Choose the right technology

Choosing the right technology is central to a strong cybersecurity strategy, as operating with transparency and maintaining clear communication around vulnerabilities allows your organization to create an optimal cybersecurity strategy.


HD Megapixel IP Laser PTZ Camera from Infinova

Embedded with auxiliary laser source and 30X HD integrated camera module, the HD laser Integrated IP PTZ camera system features with wide surveillance range, long distance, high resolution, high frame rate, high S/N ratio and extra low light, applicable for urban security surveillance, highway monitoring and other occasions requiring strict surveillance demands.

The camera supports H.265/H.264/M-JPEG encoding and video preview and control of quad video streams. The embedded 30X HD integrated camera module delivers a resolution up to 1920×1080@60fps. The camera supports 360° auto-pan and +40°~-80° vertical rotation for panoramic surveillance. The front of the camera adopts windscreen, which achieves better transmittance compared with the arc-shaped clear bubble of the high-speed dome, preventing video definition reduction due to refraction.

The camera can lift higher than the high-speed dome, thus the view range is much further. The panning range is 0.5°~100°/s, and the tilting is 0.5°~60°/s. When calling presets, the max. panning speed reaches up to 100°/s and max. tilting speed to 60°/s. The camera supports defrosting and defogging and boasts of excellent waterproof features and high and low temperature resistance. It has a rugged structure and full-sealing enclosure, supporting IP66 environmental rating. The PTZ camera is able to provide weather-proof and long-term service in various harsh environments like highway and tunnel-bridge.


Digital Transformation for Safety and Security Webinar

The global spread of COVID-19 has forced forward-thinking business leaders to accelerate their Digital Transformation plans, specifically from a safety and security standpoint. From the large-scale adoption of remote workforces to ensuring a safe return to the workplace for both employees and customers, the crisis has highlighted the need for an agile, adaptable security leader to protect their organization, uphold duty of care responsibilities, and maintain business continuity.

Organizations may have detailed emergency preparedness programs and their business continuity planning may be up-to-date, but with an increasingly complex and unpredictable threat environment, it has never been more imperative to act faster.

Learn from industry leaders in the Middle East and around the world, on how they are embracing digital transformation to manage critical events and day-to-day operations, increasing their speed and decisiveness to prevent harm to people and disruption to operations.

Join us on Monday, December 14th to hear Finastra CEO, Simon Paris, EXPO 2020 Senior Manager, Systems, Fatma Alawi and Everbridge CTO, Imad Mouline, discuss the challenges, impacts, and changes that are driving Digital Transformation within Safety and Security.

Date: December 14th, 2020
Time: 12:00pm GST
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This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers. We hope you can join us!

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