WatchNET IoT: Environmental Monitoring & Control System

WatchNET IoT offers complete range of wireless Environmental Monitoring Solution (EMS). WatchNET IoT monitors critical environmental conditions like Temperature, Humidity, Power, Water Leakage, Air Quality, Smoke, Motion, Soil Moisture, Relay, Occupancy, Security & more. Complete range for IoT Sensors, IoT Gateway, Accessories, Cloud application, Mobile APP from a single source.

WatchNET IoT offers wide range of wireless IoT sensors (flexible choices over 100+ LoRa sensors), IoT Convertors, IoT Gateway, Cloud based Software. All our smart wireless IoT sensors uses LoRa technology; designed specifically for long-range & low-powered communications. Our LoRa Gateway has the ability to handle complex edge based rule processing for automated applications. Our EMS solution is revolutionary which fits for every industry. We bestow a smart IoT technology to the world with multiple applications.

Our EMS (Environmental Monitoring Solution) provide multiple BENEFITS such as Predictive Maintenance, Energy Savings, Labour Cost Reduction, Increased Equipment Efficiency & more…

We cover every business verticals & provide SOLUTIONS as follows …

  • Smart Agriculture Monitoring
  • Cold-Storage & Climate Controlled Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom & Banking
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Smart Hospital & Medical Laboratories
  • Vacant Property Monitoring

An ultimate smart technology that helps every industry to operate effectively, efficiently & economically.

Infinite Ideas & Infinite Applications from WatchNET IoT.


Discover Hikvision’s latest ColorVu technology

Hikvision has expanded its full-color camera range with ColorVu technology. This offers a much better visual experience than traditional cameras, providing accurately rendered color images with balanced brightness at all times of the day or night. Now the camera range with ColorVu technology includes 4k cameras for UHD experience, and varifocal cameras for unparalleled clarity.

These innovations allow organizations and local authorities to monitor outdoor or indoor spaces, identify breaches as soon as they occur, and react in real time to protect staff, employees and members of the public.
Cameras with ColorVu technology are able to capture high-definition, full-color images in low light conditions because of two key technology breakthroughs: advanced F1.0 large apertures, and high-performance imaging sensors. The cameras also use a new 3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR) algorithm to increase clarity at long range, and a soft and warm supplemental light guarantees colorful images even in zero-light environments.

The cameras with ColorVu can also integrate Hikvision AcuSense technology to distinguish between people, vehicles, and other moving targets such as rain, leaves and animals. Alarms are only triggered when preset intrusion types are detected, allowing security teams to take action.

4 key applications for the cameras with ColorVu

  • Security for outdoor spaces – especially streets and parks
  • Improved perimeter protection for retail and logistics parks
  • Asset protection for small businesses
  • Increased security at building entrances

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These examples are the tip of the iceberg in terms of how and where cameras with ColorVu technology can be deployed to boost security and protect people and assets. For more information about the ColorVu technology, please visit here.


Dell Technologies to Showcase Integrated Edge and Security Solutions at Intersec 2022

The global safety and security industry is booming.
An IDC study suggests that there will be 41.6 billion IoT-connected devices by 2025, an increase of 75% over 2019. The data generated from IoT cameras and other devices will amount to 79.4 ZB in 2025, up from 13.6 ZB in 2019. These data points illustrate that safety and security is now a data challenge. Organizations face escalating demands for accessing, managing, storing and securing massive amounts of data that is growing exponentially. The explosion in video data is also bringing changes in the design of safety and security systems. Safety and security is now a data challenge and demands the same IT-grade systems other business systems and applications leverage.

At Intersec 2022, Dell Technologies will be showcasing its end-to-end portfolio of Safety and Security infrastructure solutions that are built on Dell and Intel® technologies. Dell Technologies provides an open, flexible and centralized technology infrastructure that enables organizations to meet the challenges of storing, managing and retaining video data sets while reducing risk and cost of ownership.

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Intersec to deliver never-before-seen show in 2022

The largest, most comprehensive event in Intersec’s 23-year history will be taking place in just a few weeks in Dubai. The world-leading emergency services, security and safety event will mark its return in January 2022 with a ground-breaking, elevated new program, more opportunities for supplier buyer interaction whilst uniting global and regional leaders as they explore solutions for the rapidly evolving challenges facing the industry.

The 23rd edition of the flagship event, will be staged under the theme of ‘Uniting the World’s leading industry specialists for the safety & security of future generations.’ The extensive development of the show will see the best minds in the industry participate in a new 3-day conference program, with six industry pillars addressing the sector’s most vital issues and opportunities including the Global Security Leaders’ Summit, Protecting Future Connected Cities & Citizens Conference, Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure Conference, Agile First Responders Conference, The Cybersecurity Lab and a dedicated KSA Focus Day.

Practical advice and tools will be available through The Nexus Workshops and Future Foresight Workshops, whilst cutting edge technology will be featured across the Tech and Innovation Disruption Zone.

The world’s industry leaders including Executive Regional and International Government and Private Enterprise speakers will make for the most dynamic of industry conferences that will also include eminent speakers such as ex-MI6 Chief Sir Alex Younger and many others.

Event highlights –

500+ Speakers
6 Conference Pillars
30+ Global Case Studies
1000‘s of Attendees
90+ countries
6,000+ products