Hikvision Launches Hik-Partner Pro for A complete, seamless workflow

Hikvision constantly seeks new ways to assist its security partners in their day-to-day work, and find new solutions to make their jobs easier and grow their business. The latest innovation to do this is a merge of Hik-ProConnect and Hik-ePartner into one single software platform, called Hik-Partner Pro, with both mobile and PC versions.

Users of Hik-ProConnect or Hik-ePartner can log in to the new platform with their existing account. They will be notified with a pop-up window to migrate when they open Hik-ProConnect or Hik-ePartner, with further instruction to upgrade or download Hik-Partner Pro. Upgrade availability may vary by country, region, or device.

Helping security partners grow their business and succeed

With Hik-Partner Pro, partners can get the following benefits.

1. Easy access to up-to-date product, sales and marketing information

Hik-Partner Pro continues to demonstrate a full portfolio of Hikvision products and solutions with easy navigation, along with rich marketing handouts for partners to acquire. Partners can also follow various sales promotions on the platform.

2. Energize business with value-added services

Inheriting from Hik-ProConnect, Hik-Partner Pro enables remote device configuration and maintenance. It further allows security installers to provide value-added service packages to their customers, such as device health monitoring and timely online support.

3. Further extend abilities with pro-skills and tools

The available “how-to” guides will further assist partners’ daily work with installation know-how, while the security tools can also help partners better serve their customers, such as selecting suitable products and making customized quotations for their customers. All in the palm of their hand.

Discover more: Hik-Partner Pro



Spica, a leading regional automatic identification specialist from Central Europe, is pushing into the access control mainstream with Door Cloud. What sets it apart from other cloud access control offerings is a built-in ultra-fast security management platform called simply Incidents.

With notification mechanism and workflow similar to alarm management Incidents is geared for rapid response. Because Incidents is built into the door opening mobile app, events can be reported by virtually any user as soon as they happen. Once submitted, the security event is immediately routed to the designated staff. If not answered, the event is automatically escalated and distributeed further. Since the entire workflow happens on mobile phones via cloud, the response can be near realtime.

With Incidents, Door Cloud clearly crosses the boundary of access control into PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) territory. Not incidentally, since Spica believes that cloud-based access control provides the perfect platform for rapid response.

Incidents as a solution is not limited to access control, or physical security. It can be used for all kinds of emergencies or irregularities that require quick attention. For example, it can be used with equal success for reporting urgent safety issues, environmental hazards, broken or damaged infrastructure and the like.

Incidents is already available to Door Cloud users at no additional cost.

More information: www.spica.com, www.doorcloud.com


10,000+ products l 5 key sectors l 1 global meeting place

INTEGRATED TECH FOR FUTURE-PROOFING: PROTECTION, DISRUPTION, SUSTAINABILITY. The 24th edition of Intersec taking place from 17 -19 January 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre will unite the industry and accelerate conversations to explore strategies and source technologies for the challenges faced by global security leaders and professionals. 

Alongside a solid exhibitor lineup of 10,000+ products across the security, safety, fire protection, law enforcement, and cyber security sectors the event will also host an elevated new program, show floor activations, and more opportunities for supplier-buyer interaction whilst uniting global and regional leaders as they explore solutions for the rapidly evolving challenges facing the industry.

Register your participation and be a part of the success story, share and gain insights, knowledge, and solutions as we once again gather and reconnect with existing clients and build potential customers. We are excited to host you and look forward to reinforcing those ever important business relationships that are the pinnacle of every exhibition.

Are you ready for a new era in global security? See you in January – www.intersecexpo.com/register

Johnson Controls

Increase Situational Awareness, Efficiency and Response Time

Know where your people are and see what they see with reliable video streaming and live GPS data from our live streaming body worn cameras – even when network conditions are poor.

The Illustra Body Worn Camera provides a higher level of situational awareness for businesses and arms employees with an extra set of eyes and ears. When integrated into your video management solution (VMS), the camera enables users to access and manage live streaming, forensic search, playback, clip, and incident generation on-demand and directly through a centralized location.

For further information please contact your regional sales manager or email BTS-EMEA-TycoSales@jci.com.

NS Gate

Thermoelectric Assemblies

Thermoelectric Coolers or Thermoelectric Assemblies are designed to remove heat around critical components within an electrical enclosure. These is a thermoelectric module (thermoelectric air conditioner) using the Peltier effect.

Electronic equipment installed inside a cabinet emits heat, which raises the internal temperature. Over time, rising temperature can cause electronic devices to a failure. Thermoelectric Coolers or Thermoelectric Assemblies are designed to divert an excess heat from electronic equipment installed inside an electrical enclosure with IP66 / NEMA4 protection category. These is a thermoelectric module (thermoelectric air conditioner) using the Peltier effect.

The main advantages of Thermoelectric Coolers over conventional compressor are:

  • it can be controlled electronically;
  • it is easily reversible when the current is reversed;
  • it can work in harsh environments:
  • in high ambient temperatures or heavily polluted ambient air;
  • in application with vibrations or strong accelerations.

NSBox-ICE is a special series of electrical enclosures with installed thermoelectric assembly. The units are mounted in various series of electrical enclosures : powder-coated sheet steel, glass reinforced polyester, depending on the field of application and operating conditions.



SECON 2023 – The One and Only Integrated Security Exhibition in Asia

SECON 2023 is a trend-leading security exhibition at the heart of this digital transformation, allowing you to experience the latest products and solution services, while reading the latest security trends in advance to help you anticipate changes in the near future.

SECON, Asia’s biggest integrated security exhibition, will be held at KINTEX, South Korea from 29-31 March 2023

SECON 2023 is an unmatched opportunity to network and do business with the entire security buying chain, keep up-to-date with legislation, discover solutions and see real products put to the test across access control, video surveillance, perimeter protection and more. Those taking part will be granted the chance to meet over 400+ exhibitors and 25,000+ security professionals.

SECON 2023 resume an attractive travel expenses support programme for domestic and overseas buyers.

The hosted buyer programme for highly qualified buyers is revived to maximize the accomplishment of exhibitors as a specialised B2B security exhibition. Decision makers for purchasing who contribute to trade, distribution, manufacturing, and SI companies can apply for this programme. And applicants who pass the strict judgement by the organiser will be provided with admirable benefits being consisted of airfare, accommodation, and convenient onsite services during the event days. It also provides opportunities to participate in networking programmes hosted by the organiser. For any inquiries on this programme, email at secon-matching@informa.com

  • Asia’s Only Integrated Security Exhibition representing the latest Security Trends
  • Global Networking Opportunities with distinguished Buyers via the Hosted Buyer Programme
  • Create more business opportunities using the advanced matching services
  • A varied Conference & Seminar Programme focusing on cutting-edge Solution

Web details: https://www.seconexpo.com/eng/main.asp

Register for Intersec, 17-19 January 2023 here