NetFlow-EC : An ultimate PSIM software  

Netflow-EC is an ultimate management platform for Physical Security Information Management system able to support integrated security systems of any level of complexity. With Netflow-EC, it is possible to combine fire/security alarms, perimeter security, access control, video surveillance, audio detection, and various industry-specific solutions (Retail, ANPR, ATM, Face Recognition and Video Analytics ). The open architecture makes it possible to add integration to other associated security & safety systems. Configuration, management, and monitoring of systems can be performed from a control centre or from remote workstations.

WatchNET integrates video surveillance, access control, fire protection and other specialized systems into a single information environment which supports the interaction of all subsystems, intellectual information analysis and automatic control.

Netflow-EC system that’s intelligent enough to interpret people, actions and events and enforces fast, automatic actions when necessary. A system that helps employees become more efficient, more vigilant, and more effective in reducing and preventing fraud, vandalism, accidents, and other issues.

An ultimate system has all these with extreme Simplicity, Flexibility and Scalability.

NetFlow-EC Applications:

    • Video Surveillance and Intelligent Video Analytics
    • Access Control Integration
    • Fire/Security Alarm System Integration
    • Perimeter Security
    • Face and License Plate Recognition
    • Point-of-Sale / Retail Monitoring
    • ATM network protection
    • Comprehensive system monitoring
    • Automatic recording of traffic violations
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition for cars, railcars and cargo containers
    • Netflow-EC is an ultimate PSIM tool


Illustra Insight – A Corporate Facility Solution

Illustra Insight is built to meet the challenges of human traffic through office buildings. You can incorporate an extra ring of security around sensitive areas – such as boardrooms or research labs – and add dual authentication to ensure un authorised personnel are quickly stopped.


In terms of hygiene and sheer usability, contactless access control makes for a better experience for people. They do not have to carry cards or take the time to go through card reading and/or fingerprinting – facial recognition does it in the blink of an eye.

It also allows you to tighten up on visitor management – there is no risk of temporary access cards being misused or stolen if you are not handing these out to visitors or contractors. This can cut risk significantly.

Watch the video below to learn more:
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The New and Improved VARIO2 IP PoE  

We’re delighted to introduce a host of exciting new features to our VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators. In this article, we explore these new features in more detail.

Easier Setup and Access

The latest VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators allow for easier setup and access. During setup, each individual lamp is now automatically assigned a random IP address. This ensures lamps never become ‘lost’ during setup and increases the ease.

Advanced Diagnostics

VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators now also provide users with more advanced diagnostics. Accessed via the integrated web interface, lifetime diagnostics are now available to provide information about the lamp’s usage and history.

More Secure

With high levels of security being paramount for many applications, it was our mission to make the latest VARIO2 IP PoE more secure than ever. We’ve established this through stricter access control and the availability of a secondary access port;

Stricter Access Control –Before being able to access the integrated web interface, the user is forced to change the password. This means the user is no longer able to use a default password to set up the lamp.

Secondary HTTP Port Access –The standard Port 80 can be disabled, and the lamp accessed via a secondary HTTP port. The secondary port also makes VARIO2 IP PoE the ideal solution for applications where port 80 has been blocked for greater system security.

IEEE 802.3bt Compatibility

In addition to these new features across the IP PoE range, i8, w8 and hy8 variants are also now bt compatible and can be used with equivalent bt compatible power equipment and injectors.

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MVP Tech

MVP Tech Launches new Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions and Services  

Engineering Driven, with a unique blend of ICT/ELV expertise, mission critical facilities, engineering and telecom infrastructure we provide our clients with a range of Data Centre solutions, where Information and communications technologies, electronic security and building automation all fall under the specialties of MVP Tech.

The uniqueness of our solutions & service stems from a better understanding of Technology requirements and the know-how to integrate this technology into different types of projects, bridging the gap between IT, Mission critical and buildings facilities.

We believe that the competency of our team and being up-to-date and trained in the latest technologies is what helps us provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

Provided services include:

        • ICT infrastructure, Passive/Active IT/Telecom equipment
        • Data Centre Consultancy, Engineering & Design
        • Data Centre Tier/Rated level certification
        • Data Centre Precision Cooling technologies
        • Data Centre Power and Electrical Systems
        • Fire & Safety, Environment Monitoring System
        • Modular and Mobile Data Centres

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