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Smarter Access Control for the Mobile-first World

Mobile devices have transformed every facet of our lives, including access control. With HID Mobile Access®, employees can use their smartphone, tablet or wearable to access doors, gates, networks and more. HID Mobile Access, which leverages Seos® as its underlying credential technology, offers many benefits to your organization.

The HID Mobile Access® solution for access control greatly improves user convenience in today’s mobile-first world, as well as makes your organization look more modern and professional.

HID Mobile Access offers the following key benefits:

  • User Convenience: Employees are no longer required to carry a traditional card to access facilities and can instead use their mobile device. Thanks to highly intuitive “Tap” and “Twist and Go” gestures, employees will enjoy more convenient and efficient access.
  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness: Using HID Global’s highly stable online management portal, administrators can create, manage, issue and revoke credentials through the cloud. With the option for subscription billing, customers enjoy a more predictable cost as user licenses can be added or removed.
  • Higher Security: Beyond the fact that people more closely protect their smartphones than access cards, HID Mobile Access leverages sophisticated technology and related best practices to securely bind each mobile ID to the device and protect data at all times.

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VT231‐B2 series HD IR IP dome camera: high quality in low light

For richer and more accurate details, Infinova’s Smart Starlight WDR IR PTZ Dome IP Camera boasts high quality video resolution and excellent color reproduction. With resolution up to 1920×1080@60fps, you’ll never miss a frame. The latest compression standards, such as H.265/H.264/M‐JPEG formats, ensure better bandwidth management.

The Smart Starlight camera adopts large power LED infrared lamps with a long night vision distance up to 200m and strong illumination. The IR lamps can turn on or off automatically, based on environmental lighting conditions, or can be adjusted manually. The IR illumination allows flexible adjustment to reduce IR lamp calorific value and extend its service life.

Key features include:

  • Built‐in 30X HD integrated camera module
  • Progressive scanning CMOS sensor
  • ICR infrared filter type automatic switch to realize true day/night surveillance
  • Features smart functions to achieve border protection (wire cross, intrusion)
  • Starlight‐level ultra‐low illumination
  • Supports dual SD card with total storage up to 512GB
  • Supports multi‐frame composite pattern wide dynamic; maximum dynamic range is 132dB
  • Inbuilt heater and air circulation system to avoid icing, along with glass window wiper.

The user‐friendly GUI interface design allows users to perform dome PTZ control easily via their network and to configure detailed settings for the camera parameters. Using the Web interface, users can perform dome camera settings and operations by using a mouse, which is more convenient than the traditional keyboard control. It also supports area zoom and image PTZ function.

VT231‐B2 series dome cameras also feature general dome functions such as: pre-set, pattern, autopan, autoscan, time tour and normal tour.

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A Smarter Way to Monitor Video

Introducing Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7, the latest and most advanced version of ACC™ video management software. Designed to revolutionize how security operators interact with and gain situational awareness from their video surveillance systems, ACC 7 provides an easy-to-use, AI-enabled user interface helping ensure critical events do not go unnoticed.

Focus of Attention

Introducing a new concept in live video monitoring, Focus of Attention, which leverages AI and video analytics technologies to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators.

AI-Powered Analytics

Using our self-learning video analytics and Unusual Motion Detection technologies, ACC 7 focuses the operator’s attention on the most important events.

Dark Mode

ACC 7 introduces a new theme with colors specifically chosen to reduce eye strain in dark environments, such as video surveillance control rooms.

Video surveillance, transformed.

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DATOS (Intelligent Building Management System)

The Building Management System from DATOS provides a strong foundation for intelligent buildings that inspire occupant productivity and deliver optimal energy and operational efficiency. DATOS is an automation division of WatchNET Inc, Canada. Its products and solutions deliver: economy, high energy savings, fewer devices and software, multiple protocol compatibility & easy integration.

DATOS offers Building Automation Solutions combined with an open building management platform with energy-saving HVAC, lighting control, pneumatic control, chillers and fire system integration to enable smarter and greener buildings.

The DATOS Building & Energy Management System controls the complete automation systems on a single IP-based management platform, based on standard international protocols. It offers easy maintenance with device configuration auto-backup and restore function. DATOS gathers global energy data and provides analytical measurement and verification tools. With substantial system integration expertise DATOS assures building safety with Intelligent Video Surveillance & Access Control System Technologies.

Thus, it controls all compatible protocols available on the market: BACnet-MSTP / BACnet-IP, M Bus, OPC, Modbus (485 / IP), DALI, Haystack, SNMP, SQL, KNX & many more…

DATOS offers the following solutions…

      • Building Management System
      • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring System
      • Energy Management System
      • Lighting Control System
      • Data Center Monitoring
      • Water Leak Detection System
      • Battery Monitoring System

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HID DigitalPersona® Authentication Security Solution

Our modern approach to authentication incorporates an adaptive, risk-based methodology, providing users a frictionless and continuous authentication experience.

HID DigitalPersona provides trusted identity authentication and lifecycle management for people, places, and things.
Our modern approach to authentication incorporates an adaptive, risk-based methodology, providing users a frictionless and continuous authentication experience.

And by offering the broadest choice of authentication factors, we ensure the security of trusted transactions, physical and logical access needed to stay agile in today’s highly connected zero-trust environments.

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OPTEX’s LiDARs protect against intrusion

Access points to security sites – either a full-height turnstile to allow authorised personnel in, or industrial gates to allow entry for authorised vehicles, can represent a risk for breaches to a perimeter which can often be overlooked. OPTEX’s LiDAR sensors alert the security system when the security perimeter is compromised from above.

Critical infrastructure, data centres and high security sites usually have very secure perimeters, combining physical fencing or walls with additional electronic security to detect any breach in the perimeter. However, they require entry points, either through industrial gates or pedestrian access-only full-height turnstiles and these could be weak points in the perimeter security.

OPTEX has been called to sites where turnstiles were situated between fence or wall panels with no additional physical or electronic security above them, with intruders able to use ladders to climb over them. To minimise the risk of this happening again, OPTEX’s LiDAR sensors were installed to create a virtual wall that detects any attempt climb over the turnstile and alert the security system.

Sliding gates that have been opened to allow an authorised vehicle to pass through can present another opportunity for a security breach. OPTEX’s Redscan Laser scanners are perfectly suited for such applications. Used in vertical mode, the Redscan creates a virtual wall of the width of the gate and can be set to detect a certain size object, so humans can be detected while vehicles are ignored, for instance. It can also be set to detect any object coming through while the gate is in the process of opening or closing.

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