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NetFlow-EC : An ultimate PSIM software

Netflow-EC is an ultimate management platform for Physical Security Information Management system able to support integrated security systems of any level of complexity. With Netflow-EC, it is possible to combine fire/security alarms, perimeter security, access control, video surveillance, audio detection, and various industry-specific solutions (Retail, ANPR, ATM, Face Recognition and Video Analytics ). The open architecture makes it possible to add integration to other associated security & safety systems. Configuration, management, and monitoring of systems can be performed from a control centre or from remote workstations.

WatchNET integrates video surveillance, access control, fire protection and other specialized systems into a single information environment which supports the interaction of all subsystems, intellectual information analysis and automatic control.

Netflow-EC system that’s intelligent enough to interpret people, actions and events and enforces fast, automatic actions when necessary. A system that helps employees become more efficient, more vigilant, and more effective in reducing and preventing fraud, vandalism, accidents, and other issues.

An ultimate system has all these with extreme Simplicity, Flexibility and Scalability.

NetFlow-EC Applications:

  • Video Surveillance and Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Access Control Integration
  • Fire/Security Alarm System Integration
  • Perimeter Security
  • Face and License Plate Recognition
  • Point-of-Sale / Retail Monitoring
  • ATM network protection
  • Comprehensive system monitoring
  • Automatic recording of traffic violations
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition for cars, railcars and cargo containers
  • Netflow-EC is an ultimate PSIM tool


STid Safeguards Access to French Hospital

Brive Hospital, the second largest health care hub in the Limousin region, has put in place a new safety policy. The hospital has selected STid and Vauban Systems to provide secure, intuitive and scalable access control to its premises and guarantee the protection of its patients.

“Health care facilities are compelled to provide protection against such threats as burglary and intruders, while safeguarding the security of their staff and patients. This explains the need to deliver a new access control system that is reliable, long-lasting and scalable!” summed up Sébastien Caminade, Head of Security at Brive Hospital.

The two experts in high-security systems meet these requirements with a comprehensive protection solution.

Vauban Systems manages access control and provides video surveillance via its Visor Access® software application, while STid delivers access to premises, offices and treatment rooms with its highly secure access control readers from the Architect® range. These readers, which offer a level of security in line with recommendations from the French network and information security agency (ANSSI), are compatible with the future smart cards for health care professionals.

Deployment got underway in 2015 and is extended every time the hospital gets a new building! The latest to be equipped is the maternity ward – one of the so-called “sensitive” departments. The new access control system means premises can be made secure at night, or in exceptional circumstances (aggressive parents, threats, risk of kidnapping). Only authorized categories of personnel have the required access rights.

“We have successfully installed around twenty biometric card readers for the dispensary as well as the computer rooms, and nearly a hundred STid Architect® access control readers for the maternity ward, intensive care, geriatrics, psychiatry and pediatrics. 1,500 users benefit from the solution every day. Although security was not initially part of hospital culture, we have convincingly brought ourselves up to standard! Security must now be a constant concern for all health care professionals,” concluded Sébastien Caminade.
Maé Tholoniat
Tel.: +33 (0)4 42 12 60 60


New HID Biometric Fingerprint Reader

HID Global brings reliable biometrics authentication to the door with launch of new fingerprint reader. The new iCLASS SE® RB25F biometric fingerprint reader works with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The high-performance iCLASS SE® RB25F reader provides an unrivalled experience by dramatically increasing image capture performance and fingerprint matching in under a second, significantly reducing delays that were previously symptomatic of biometric solutions.
“The powerful combination of HID’s highly reliable Lumidigm multispectral technology and the reader’s robust construction with IP67 and anti-vandal IK09 ratings now enables customers to deploy fingerprint authentication across a wide range of real-life environments. The reader is also field-configurable over a network, and is designed to ease migration from traditional and existing fingerprint reader solutions,” said Stephen Carney, Vice President of Product Marketing, Physical Access Control Solutions with HID Global.

HID’s multispectral imaging technology captures images from both the surface and sub-surface of the skin so that all types of fingerprints, from people of any age, can be read quickly and reliably in cold, dry, dirty, wet and other challenging environmental conditions. The new iCLASS SE RB25F can also be used with all popular industry-standard high frequency credential technologies (including HID Mobile Access® Mobile IDs, Seos, iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, MIFARE DESFire®, MIFARE® Classic).

Contact HID Global for more information.
Tel: +971 4 5164003


New camera series: ABUS presents “Black Line”

The ABUS camera series “Basic Line” has now been expanded by several camera models with a black housing. The new colour scheme is available for the three models mini dome, tube and ball dome. Professional video installers can thus optimally meet individual customer requirements and integrate cameras seamlessly into their environment.


The professional ABUS video range is divided into three product lines: While the “Advanced Line” meets high demands, the “Special Line”, such as the fisheye camera, covers special application areas. The “Basic Line” meets basic requirements in video projects and scores with its excellent price-performance ratio for a variety of basic applications. In addition to the models in white, this series with a resolution of 2, 4 and 8 megapixels now also offers a “Black Line” with identical functions and construction.

Security in black and white

One field of application in which the new colour variant is often used is shopping malls, for example: Here you will find many black ceilings in which black camera models can be discreetly integrated. The “Black Line” is also suitable for end users in the contract sector who want to protect the outer skin of their buildings as discreetly and simply as possible.

As usual, the black models also have a weatherproof housing up to IP67 and are protected against vandalism thanks to protection class IK10. Like the white models, they can also be connected with the wAppLoxx electronic access control system and the Secvest wireless alarm system from ABUS to form an integrated security solution.

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Discrete and high-performance video solutions for Middle East retail

Meet Middle East surveillance regulations while enhancing your customer experience in high-end, exclusive locations where only the most understated yet high-performance video solutions will do.
IDIS now offers high-end retailers the very latest in surveillance capability– including smart, retail-focused analytics – that meet security requirements without being obtrusive, or even visible.

The IDIS one-stop-shop retail solution benefits from all the technologies that give you high-performance surveillance to strengthen safety and security, improve your customer experience and meet your compliance obligations. From IDIS Intelligent Codec that delivers up to 90% savings on storage, through to failover technologies, streamlined and resilient cybersecurity, and seamless compatibility that come together to guarantee a low total cost of ownership.

To find out how retailers across the world are already reaping the rewards of IDIS retail solutions read our customer testimonials.

Then ask to see the IDIS retail range for yourself – by booking a demo now!

Email, phone +971 4 501 5434 or go to for more information. For the latest IDIS news and updates follow IDIS on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


VT231‐B2 series HD IR IP dome camera: high quality in low light

For richer and more accurate details, Infinova’s Smart Starlight WDR IR PTZ Dome IP Camera boasts high quality video resolution and excellent color reproduction. With resolution up to 1920×1080@60fps, you’ll never miss a frame. The latest compression standards, such as H.265/H.264/M‐JPEG formats, ensure better bandwidth management.

The Smart Starlight camera adopts large power LED infrared lamps with a long night vision distance up to 200m and strong illumination. The IR lamps can turn on or off automatically, based on environmental lighting conditions, or can be adjusted manually. The IR illumination allows flexible adjustment to reduce IR lamp calorific value and extend its service life.

Key features include:

  • Built‐in 30X HD integrated camera module
  • Progressive scanning CMOS sensor
  • ICR infrared filter type automatic switch to realize true day/night surveillance
  • Features smart functions to achieve border protection (wire cross, intrusion)
  • Starlight‐level ultra‐low illumination
  • Supports dual SD card with total storage up to 512GB
  • Supports multi‐frame composite pattern wide dynamic; maximum dynamic range is 132dB
  • Inbuilt heater and air circulation system to avoid icing, along with glass window wiper.

The user‐friendly GUI interface design allows users to perform dome PTZ control easily via their network and to configure detailed settings for the camera parameters. Using the Web interface, users can perform dome camera settings and operations by using a mouse, which is more convenient than the traditional keyboard control. It also supports area zoom and image PTZ function.

VT231‐B2 series dome cameras also feature general dome functions such as: pre-set, pattern, autopan, autoscan, time tour and normal tour.

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