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WatchNET IoT: Environmental Monitoring & Control System

WatchNET IoT offers complete range of wireless Environmental Monitoring Solution (EMS). WatchNET IoT monitors critical environmental conditions like Temperature, Humidity, Power, Water Leakage, Air Quality, Smoke, Motion, Soil Moisture, Relay, Occupancy, Security & more. Complete range for IoT Sensors, IoT Gateway, Accessories, Cloud application, Mobile APP from a single source.

WatchNET IoT offers wide range of wireless IoT sensors (flexible choices over 100+ LoRa sensors), IoT Convertors, IoT Gateway, Cloud based Software. All our smart wireless IoT sensors uses LoRa technology; designed specifically for long-range & low-powered communications. Our LoRa Gateway has the ability to handle complex edge based rule processing for automated applications. Our EMS solution is revolutionary which fits for every industry. We bestow a smart IoT technology to the world with multiple applications.

Our EMS solution provide multiple BENEFITS such as Predictive Maintenance, Energy Savings, Labour Cost Reduction, Increased Equipment Efficiency & more…

We cover every business verticals & provide SOLUTIONS as follows …

  • Greenhouse Monitoring
  • Cold-Storage & Climate Controlled Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Data Centers
  • Telecom & Banking
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Hospital & Medical Laboratories
  • Residential & Hospitality Industry
  • Gymnasium

An ultimate smart technology that helps every industry to operate effectively, efficiently & economically.

Infinite Ideas & Infinite Applications from WatchNET IoT.


Keep track of occupancy rates in your business

The new Genetec Occupancy Management Package helps retail stores and similar outward-facing businesses manage occupancy to comply with physical distancing regulations. Learn more about video analytics here.

As you prepare to reopen your business, you’ll need to keep your customers and employees safe by adjusting your security measures to adhere to physical distancing regulations. A top priority will be to define occupancy guidelines and mobilize your operations to limit the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

These guidelines can vary from a maximum threshold to the number of people per square foot. To enforce this, you’ll need to know how many people are on your premises at any given moment– then continuously monitor the data and take action when thresholds are met.

Our new Occupancy Management Package will enable you to operate within the guidelines for occupancy density. This solution can count the number of people in your store or similar public-facing business, visualize the data and send alerts to employees when occupancy limits are being reached. Reports can also be produced to demonstrate your compliance with local measures.



MVP Tech: Our offices are back to running 100% capacity

MVP Tech offices are back to running at 100% capacity for the past week, as our staff has been returning to the various regional offices.

During the COVID 19 lockdown security was deemed by the government as part of the critical roles required to continue operating, hence the MVP Tech field operations never stopped. We’ve carried on our existing works and at the same time deployed new technologies aimed at the fight against COVID-19, whilst taking all the necessary precautions to guarantee the safety of our employees, clients, and vendors alike.

We have successfully implemented remote working solutions for 80% of our office staff to safely work from their homes and at the same time, we’ve taken all the necessary safety measures for our task force who were operating on sites and offices to ensure their safety.

Our regular working hours apply, for enquiries please email us at:



VT231‐B2 series HD IR IP dome camera: high quality in low light

For richer and more accurate details, Infinova’s Smart Starlight WDR IR PTZ Dome IP Camera boasts high quality video resolution and excellent color reproduction. With resolution up to 1920×1080@60fps, you’ll never miss a frame. The latest compression standards, such as H.265/H.264/M‐JPEG formats, ensure better bandwidth management.

The Smart Starlight camera adopts large power LED infrared lamps with a long night vision distance up to 200m and strong illumination. The IR lamps can turn on or off automatically, based on environmental lighting conditions, or can be adjusted manually. The IR illumination allows flexible adjustment to reduce IR lamp calorific value and extend its service life.

Key features include:

  • Built‐in 30X HD integrated camera module
  • Progressive scanning CMOS sensor
  • ICR infrared filter type automatic switch to realize true day/night surveillance
  • Features smart functions to achieve border protection (wire cross, intrusion)
  • Starlight‐level ultra‐low illumination
  • Supports dual SD card with total storage up to 512GB
  • Supports multi‐frame composite pattern wide dynamic; maximum dynamic range is 132dB
  • Inbuilt heater and air circulation system to avoid icing, along with glass window wiper.

The user‐friendly GUI interface design allows users to perform dome PTZ control easily via their network and to configure detailed settings for the camera parameters. Using the Web interface, users can perform dome camera settings and operations by using a mouse, which is more convenient than the traditional keyboard control. It also supports area zoom and image PTZ function.

VT231‐B2 series dome cameras also feature general dome functions such as: pre-set, pattern, autopan, autoscan, time tour and normal tour.

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