To protect critical national infrastructures, Leonardo develops solutions based on a systemic approach to security, integrating cyber and physical components into platforms providing enhanced situational awareness.  

Defending a country, its institutions, its critical infrastructure and strategic assets means staying a step ahead of the adversary, ensuring the benefits of civil-military dual use applications. It means understanding the threat landscape, analysing relevant risks and minimising the consequences of attacks while ensuring a safe path of digital transformation.

Cyber information superiority systems, next-generation control rooms and advanced cyber training and test platforms: adopting an integrated approach to security, Leonardo provides public and private organisations with the best technologies and solutions to enhance the cyber-physical security and resilience of strategic data and assets. As an enabler, cyberspace is an asset that can serve a range of digital technologies, infrastructure and cloud solutions, ensuring the effectiveness of operations. That’s why Leonardo embeds cyber security into its platforms, products and infrastructure from the design phase (“secure by design”), ensuring the future resilience of these assets.

With more than 5 million Indicators of Compromise monitored and over 21,600 security offences managed per year, Leonardo guarantees comprehensive situational awareness to ensure protection and proactive defence against the most advanced systemic and hybrid threats.



25 Years of Intersec in Dubai

Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Intersec – one of the world’s leading trade shows for the fire, safety and security industries – will take place from 16-18 January 2024 at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), commemorating a milestone of 25 years in the region.

Under the theme ‘Innovating Security Tech for a Quarter Century’, the silver jubilee edition of Intersec will unite the global security industry and accelerate conversations to explore strategies and source technologies for the challenges faced by global security leaders and professionals promoting bilateral trade, commerce, and innovation across borders.

The upcoming edition will unite the global security industry and accelerate conversations to explore strategies and source technologies for the challenges faced by global security leaders and professionals promoting bi-lateral trade, commerce and innovation across borders. Intersec hosts several country pavilions that bring together SMEs, technology, and service providers from around the world. Visitors use the pavilions to explore global solutions, find new agents and distributors and meet potential investors.

The knowledge programme at Intersec 2024 will build on the success of the reinvigorated conferences for 2023, with industry-specific streams each designed to address the challenges and opportunities that are unique to the GCC region, as well as introduce the latest innovative technological advancements and dedicated to bringing together the best and brightest minds in their respective market sector. Attendees to these events will benefit from knowledge and insights from key players from around the world through real world case studies, keynote addresses and panel discussions.

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How Hikvision’s New Technology Maximizes Site Security

Security incidents don’t just happen during daylight hours. To ensure that organizations can protect their sites, assets, and people 24×7, Hikvision has created a new generation of ultra-low-light video imaging technologies: DarkFighterS and DarkFighterX.

Hikvision’s DarkFighterS cameras use three key technology innovations to improve security in low-light conditions. These features all start with ‘S’, which is why the technology is called DarkFighterS. They are Hikvision’s Surprising Low-Light Imaging, industry-leading Super Confocal Lenses, and Smart Hybrid Light technology.

Examples of Hikvision DarkFighterS products include DarkFighterS DeepinView Moto Varifocal Bullet Cameras, 4 MP varifocal dome camera with DarkFighter, and 4 MP varifocal bullet cameras with DarkFighter. These cameras are ideal for scenarios and applications such as enterprise premises and industrial parks, especially for the place where little or no movement is expected at night and where discretion is needed to ensure that intruders do not know where security cameras are located.

For large areas and applications, DarkFighterX technology provides Hikvision’s most powerful night-vision capabilities. In particular, this ultra-low-light technology supports full-color, crystal-clear video imaging down to just 0.0002 lux.

Hikvision has introduced multiple low-light technologies to help customers capture full-color, high-resolution video in near-total darkness. Alongside DarkFighterS and DarkFighterX, which are featured in this article, Hikvision also offers ColorVu for small and medium business customers.

For more information about DarkFighterS, DarkFighterX and ColorVu, please visit the website, or contact us today.


5 Pros of Managed Internal Security Service for Business

In 2022, 72% of UAE companies experienced data security incidents caused by their own employees. This is not surprising, because today infosec sphere demonstrates trends towards protection against external threats: ransomware, hacker attacks, DDOS attacks, etc. Internal threats – emerging from the employees – have been underestimated, until now.

After an outbreak of high-profile data breaches and corporate frauds in recent years, companies are urgently looking for ways to protect assets from internal threats. However, there is a shortage of security experts, protective solutions are not cheap, and their implementation takes a lot of time. Fortunately, there is a simple and quick solution to the problem – internal security as a service provided by experts.

How it works

The service providing company takes over all the customer’s protection tasks: installs and configures the software, provides hardware (cloud) and data security analyst. The analytical expert is responsible for:

  • Data leak prevention
  • Security incident investigation
  • Detection of illegal actions of employees in the IT infrastructure (installation and uninstallation of unregulated software and theft of equipment)
  • Recognition of fraud signs (kickbacks, moonlighting)
  • Detection of work discipline violations, sabotage, absenteeism and other personnel security violations
  • Access rights control
  • Audit of compliance with data protection law, etc.

The analyst provides the client with detail-rich reports at the agreed frequency and notifies the responsible employee if the situation requires urgent customer intervention.

MSS also helps to comply with regulatory requirements. In particular, the UAE Information Assurance Regulation issued by the United Arab Emirates Telecommunications and Digital Regulatory Authority prescribes the use of DLP as a data loss prevention means. SearchInform MSS based on DLP, DCAP systems gives access to these technologies to SMEs and to large companies whose security departments are focused on external threat protection.

Target audience of the service

1. Small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have enough resources to build an information security department.

CASE: One of the customers, food manufacturer with 150 employees, had no dedicated security service. Any information security tasks were for the system administrator to deal with them. The company director did not see the need to hire a security expert or to implement special software to control employees, because benefits were unclear. The director changed his mind when he saw that the company’s recipes were used by a competitor. He decided to urgently solve the information security issue engaging security as service.

2. Big companies, short of information security staff and expertise. In this case, budgets for security software and employees are often not an issue. However, it can be quite difficult to find a security expert with the experience and knowledge to solve internal security problems.

CASE: A 1,000-employees company with a security department, but without a dedicated IS expert who would work specifically with the DLP system. The company had several failed attempts to hire, train and keep a good specialist. Therefore, they decided to try outsourcing. Thus, in the person of an external analyst, they found their security expert who will not resign or go on sick leave.

SearchInform has been providing managed data security services since 2019. We have perfected work processes with the clients and gathered plenty of hands-on experience in dealing with complicated and nonstandard tasks.

According to our research, in 100% of companies that have tried security as service, data security violations are detected in the first month: data breach attempts, violations of access rights, waste of company resources, fraud. Typically, you see the first results within the first few hours of the service usage.

To understand if you really need the service, leave a request and try the solution free for one month. During this month, we will spot weaknesses in the internal threat protection, prevent unauthorized access to data and provide a detailed report on the security state in your company.

Contact details:
Email: uae@searchinform.com
Ph.: +971 58 5957240
Address: 10С-15, I-Rise Tower, Hessa Street, Barsha Heights, Dubai

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