Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023!

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Security Middle East captured highlights of Intersec Saudi Arabia, which took place between October 3-5 2023!

Catch up with the latest developments from RealNetworks, Invixium, Genetec, Trassir, Everbridge, Rapiscan, HID Global, Video Network Security, IDCube, TiSO and Iris ID from the Intersec show floor!

Invixium seeks to pioneer the future of biometric technology, the company is a global biometric access control manufacturer based in Canada that offers consumer-centric, exceptionally designed biometric access control solutions.

Interview with Shiraz Kapadia, Invixium

Ryan Bickerton chats with Shiraz Kapadia, about the future of Invixium and how they position in the Saudi Arabian Security Marketplace.

Modernizing access control with Invixium

In this highlight from the Intersec Show Floor, Shiraz Kapadia talks about modernizing access control for Invixium’s wide range of audience members.

Invixium’s momentum in the Middle East

Shiraz Kapadia discusses the forward momentum of Invixium in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Arabic: Invixium عرض المنتج مع

عرض لأحدث المنتجات Intersec Saudi Arabia من إنفيكسيوم with Invixium

Everbridge empowers organisations to anticipate, mitigate, respond to, and ultimately emerge stronger from critical events with the industry’s only end-to-end event management system.

Interview with Craig Menzies, Everbridge

Everbridge general manager, Craig Menzies, shares insights into their projects in the Middle East, including the use of their PSIM platform at Dubai Expo 2020.

Everbridge Control Centre Demonstration

Watch Luke McCarthy from Everbridge discuss the Everbridge Control Centre, and run through what happens in an emergency scenario in this exclusive product demo from the Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023 show floor.

Everbridge’s John Lindup from Intersec Saudi Arabia show floor

Everbridge’s John Lindup discusses the companies movements in the Middle East, and their Everbridge control center.

Christophe Ducamp, Regional AMEA Manager from Everbridge, discusses how Dubai Civil Defense and other defence institutions can use the company’s solutions.

HID Global are world-renown access control experts. An American manufacturer of secure identity products. The company is an independent brand of Assa Abloy, a Swedish door and access control conglomerate.

Interview with Sam Cherif, HID Global

In this interview, Sam Cherif – HID Global’s commercial director – explains more about the trends they are seeing in the adoption of mobile access control around the world, as well as sharing exciting news on future product launches for the Middle East region.

Sustainability Solutions with Sam Cherif

HID’s Sam Cherif discusses their sustainability goals in the Saudi Arabian market, working under the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative.

(Arabic) HID Global مناقشة الترابط

HID Global !مناقشة الترابط في هذا المطع! شاهد الفيديو كاملاً!

IDCUBE is a globally recognized AI-driven Physical Access control solution provider, having offices in UAE, the USA, India, and Malaysia.

Interview with Rishi Chahal, IDCube

IDCube’s Rishi Chahal discusses various aspects of the current state of the access control market, from seamlessness to the use of artificial intelligence and the future of the market in line with sustainable targets.

Rishi Chahal discusses the evolution of access control cards in relation to sustainability in this Interview highlight from the showfloor of Intersec Saudi Arabia!

Rishi Chahal discusses the investments IDCube are making into artificial intelligence to challenge the modern access control market in this interview highlight from the Intersec Saudi Arabia show floor.

At Intersec Saudi Arabia, we asked Rishi Chahal from IDCube about what goes into a modern access control solution.

World-renown experts of access and transport control, Security Middle East discussed Trassir’s state-of-the-art facial recognition software, and how they were finding the Saudi Arabian Security landscape.

Interview with Astemir Karmov, TRASSIR

In this interview, Astemir Karmov deep dives into TRASSIRS surveillance, transport security, and smart developments within Saudi Arabia.

Astermir Karmov discusses the impact of Intersec Saudi Arabia. The show floor saw over 200 companies at the event whilst this highlight was filmed!

Astemir Karmov expresses Trassir’s goals to make a lasting impact on the Saudi Arabian marketplace in this interview highlight from the show floor of Intersec Saudi Arabia.

Astemir Karmov invites you to join them at GITEX Global, talking about Trassir’s presence at upcoming events.

TiSO manufacture state-of-the-art access control solutions, including turnstiles, emergency doors and more, to audiences around the Middle East.

Interview with Andrew Kuznetsov, TiSO Global

Security Middle East joined Andrew Kuznetsov at the TiSO Global stand to find out more about the innovations they were exhibiting at Intersec Saudi Arabia, as well as their manufacturing capabilities and plans to grow within the region.

Which TiSO products will stand out?

Andrew Kuznetsov discusses which TiSO products will stand out in the Saudi Arabian Security marketplace in the coming days in this clip from Intersec Saudi Arabia.

Which TiSO products will stand out?

Andrew Kuznetsov talks about the growth of TiSO in Saudi Arabian markets in this interview highlight from Intersec Saudi Arabia.

Since 1997, Iris ID has been the key developer and driver of the commercialization of iris recognition technology. IrisAccess, now in its sixth generation, is the world’s most deployed iris recognition platform. The technology is found on six continents and in thousands of locations, daily authenticating the identities of millions of persons.

Interview with Mohammed Murad, IRIS ID

Mohammed Murad discusses everything biometric in this interview from the show floor of Intersec Saudi Arabia, discussing the trends that can be seen in the business and the new products IRIS ID have for the marketplace.

IRIS ID’s facial recognition technology

The latest in biometrics, is presented in this quick product demo from the Intersec Saudi Arabia show floor, by IRIS ID and Mohammed Murad.

IRIS ID’s Face scanning and card production

IRIS ID’s facial recognition and scanning technology was on full display at Intersec Saudi Arabia, in which Mohammed Murad quickly demonstrates its access control potential.

The original pioneer in internet streaming services, RealNetworks are now advancing the fields of artificial intelligence and computer vision based products.

Interview with Walter Candelu, RealNetworks

Walter Candelu from RealNetworks discusses SAFR, and the future of identity control in the Middle East Market, in these interview from the Intersec show floor!

RealNetworks’ SAFR Access Control in Action

Straight from the show floor of Intersec Saudi Arabia, the Security Middle East team are walked through (literally), the latest products from RealNetworks by Walter Candelu.