Security Middle East took the opportunity to fly out to MIBA in Milan to attend the 2023 edition of SiCUREZZA. The SiCUREZZA exhibition showcased the newest wave of technologies headed for the security marketplace, both those situated in Europe and those applicable to the Middle East as a whole.

The goal of SiCUREZZA is to provide a platform for global businesses to come together and not only see but deep dive into the newest trends and events that are affecting the security marketplace. This involves understanding the newest technologies and products and having various networking sessions to enhance network connections.

“Stronger Together” is the tagline for the SiCUREZZA exhibition, demonstrating the exhibition’s dedication to pushing forward the industry.


On the show floor of SiCUREZZA, Ryan Bickerton caught up with leaders from the security field, discussing the latest trends and finding out how various businesses have found the Middle East Marketplace in recent years, as well as their plans for tackling the industry in the future.

Catch all of our interviews from SiCUREZZA 2023 below:

Interview with Edoardo Marcantoni, Videx

We were joined by Edoardo Marcantoni from Videx to discuss the company’s product line, which they were showcasing at the conference.

Edoardo also discussed how SiCUREZZA’s exploration of security trends allowed businesses such as Videx to situate themselves and press ahead in the industry.

SiCUREZZA – Video Intercom Capabilities

At SiCUREZZA 2023 in Milan, Edoardo Marcantoni, Executive Manager, VIDEX demonstrated the capabilities of their intercom technology – fully incorporable into security infrastructures, able to work with third-party technologies without limitation.

Johnson Controls’ Bentel

Angel Vazquez from Johnson Controls discusses the Bentel brand and its impact on the Italian Security Marketplace in this clip from the show floor of SiCUREZZA 2023!

Johnson Controls’ Newest Product!

Angel Vazquez discusses Johnson Controls’ latest security solution, an innovative panel with multiple security capabilities, watch now!

Johnson Controls moves in the Middle East

Angel Vazquez discusses how the Middle East Market is one of the fastest growing for Johnson Controls and dives into how the Middle East is opening up opportunities for innovative security solutions.