Unified Security and AI-powered Surveillance: Elevating Airport operations and Passengers experiences

Unified Security and AI-powered Surveillance: Elevating Airport operations and Passengers experiences

Explore how an AI-powered security solution strengthens airport safety and security and enhances passenger’s experience.

After the post-COVID slump, the aviation industry is now experiencing a robust recovery. But as passenger traffic increases, so do security challenges for airports. To protect their assets and safeguard staff and passengers, airports must mitigate numerous security risks – for which disparate security and surveillance measures are inadequate and ineffective.

Uncompromising airport security, not to mention seamless operations, passenger safety, and enhanced passenger experiences, require a well-integrated, unified security infrastructure at its core with AI-enabled analytics. And system integrators like MVP Tech – Convergint MEA play a vital role in implementing such infrastructure.

The Need for a Unified Security Infrastructure and AI Analytics in Airports

Traditional surveillance systems like cameras monitor airport premises and generate video output. To detect threats, this output must be manually reviewed and analyzed – a time-consuming and painful task for human security teams.

Modern surveillance systems eliminate the hassle and pain by seamlessly integrating disparate devices and capturing video data from each. Each device and the combined video output can be easily managed and optimized from a centralized Video Management Software (VMS )– the surveillance ecosystem’s command-and-control centre.

In addition to capturing data, the integrated system also analyzes it using machine learning algorithms, neural networks, facial detection, and other advanced techniques and projects those analytics on a user-friendly customized dashboard, that could be used by multiple stakeholders, enhancing the decision-making process and saving on resources. Furthermore, it auto-generates real-time insights and alerts that enable personnel to determine if any activity or behaviour on the airport premises represents a threat. They can then address critical threats with appropriate measures. In this way, the smart AI-enabled surveillance system accelerates incident response, improves threat mitigation, and enhances passenger safety.

Unified, intelligent surveillance systems also have strategic, national-level value. In many countries, airports are considered critical infrastructure. Security threats and incidents to this infrastructure can adversely impact a nation’s economy and national security – something that can be prevented with smart surveillance.

Robust Access Control and Perimeter Security in Airports

Access control systems based on biometrics technologies like facial recognition provide more robust and reliable security in airports than swipe cards (which can be easily lost, stolen, or compromised). When augmented with AI analytics, these systems can detect unauthorized entry and raise real-time alerts that operators can investigate and act on to secure sensitive areas.

AI-powered surveillance also secures airport perimeters. Large, complex, and crowded airports with multiple ingress and egress points are difficult to monitor and secure by human security teams, so there is a big possibility of frequent failure at identifying intruders, unauthorized vehicles, and people carrying weapons or drugs. Smart surveillance systems can fill the gaps by monitoring the entire perimeter 24×7.

Then, using technologies like facial recognition, object detection, person-of-interest tracking, and abandoned baggage detection, the system alerts staff to suspicious people or objects so they can assess the situation and deal with it quickly and appropriately.

AI to Optimize Resource Allocation, Airport Operations and Passenger Experiences

MVP Tech – Convergint EMEA’s experienced engineering/ design teams build unified, customized, AI-enabled surveillance systems for airports. In addition to strengthening security, these systems enable airport decision-makers to identify crowded areas and optimally assign resources to manage these areas. In doing so, they can streamline passenger processing and minimize bottlenecks.

Smoother passenger flows help improve passengers’ airport experiences. Integrated, data-powered surveillance systems also offer useful passenger information and recommendations that enable airports to implement personalized services that further improve passenger experiences. The unified solutions deployed by MVP Tech – Convergint EMEA can also integrate with other airport systems, allowing management to improve operations in many areas like baggage handling and passenger screening. These improvements also positively impact passenger experiences and satisfaction.

Strengthen Your Airport’s Security and Operations with MVP Tech – Convergint MEA’s AI-powered Surveillance Solutions

Implementing strong airport security that can withstand all kinds of threats depends on unifying and “synergizing” disparate surveillance components. AI analytics are also vital to facilitate rapid threat detection and incident response, and to improve airport operations and passenger experiences. Choosing the right system integrator partner is key to implementing a unified, intelligent, and cost-effective surveillance solution that makes your airport resilient to threats.