The future of AI and remote solar monitoring

The future of AI and remote solar monitoring

When it comes to the future of artificial intelligence and its use in remote solar monitoring, there are three key things you must consider, according to Mr Bulent Boyaci, technical director at ICU Solarcam Australia, which has recently joined Ai Group.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly become the most prevalent term in recent years, closely followed by video analytics. These concepts have increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, shaping our interactions with technology and enhancing various aspects of our routines. Imagine comparing a boiling kettle that automatically turns off when the correct temperature is reached to intelligence like AI. While the kettle cannot be considered AI, it demonstrates some ‘smart’ capabilities. It can identify when the desired temperature is reached and autonomously disconnect power to the heating element using pre-set parameters. This simple, yet effective, task allows you to continue your day while being assured that the kettle will turn off automatically once the water has boiled, freeing you from constant monitoring.

Innovative Solutions

This practical philosophy aligns with the principles we incorporate into our technology, such as ICU Solarcam and AIVI. These innovative solutions leverage AI and video analytics to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Just like the kettle, but much more advanced, they use intelligent algorithms to analyse data, identify specific parameters and autonomously execute appropriate actions. This enables you to focus on other important tasks, knowing that these advanced systems are intelligently managing the processes they are designed for.

Our ICU platform incorporates the power of our software and hardware, OneTouch and our Smart CamBoard on edge, to efficiently oversee and manage numerous remote CCTV systems, ranging from hundreds to potentially thousands in number. OneTouch operates as an ever-vigilant guardian, continuously monitoring the operational health of these systems.

It considers various factors, such as power usage and data consumption projections for the upcoming days, while drawing insightful comparisons with historical data. The realm of remote video monitoring and analytics presents us with formidable challenges that extend beyond the simplicity of placing a camera on a pole with a solar panel and battery.

While this basic setup may suffice for a single system, the complexity multiplies when dealing with hundreds of installations.

Questions arise: How can we ensure the continuous functionality of all these systems? How do we efficiently handle the influx of data from multiple sources?

Three vital questions that demand your attention

Is your remote CCTV system operational?

Monitoring activity in remote areas through CCTV may initially seem straightforward. However, the true challenge arises when you consider how to ensure its continuous functionality without constant monitoring.

Can the system autonomously monitor
and repair itself or request service

The efficacy of any remote CCTV solution lies in its ability to self-monitor and even address potential issues without human intervention. Is your system equipped to autonomously identify problems and attempt repairs before they escalate to critical levels?

How will you effectively monitor
multiple deployed systems, including
video alert data?

Deploying several CCTV systems further intensifies the need for robust monitoring. It’s about ensuring their operation and managing the influx of data from video alerts. Failure to stay on top of this vital information can render even the most advanced technology useless.

Helping hand

OneTouch rises to the occasion, skilfully managing multiple tasks to ensure optimal system performance at all times. Acting as a proactive safeguard, it promptly raises an early warning if any irregularities are detected. In the event of an issue, OneTouch endeavours to automatically rectify the problem, bringing the system back online. If, by rare chance, the self-repair proves unsuccessful, OneTouch immediately dispatches an early alert, empowering the appropriate course of action to be taken. Our ingeniously crafted system offers an array of remarkable advantages that go beyond mere functionality. Among these benefits lies the simplicity of detecting even subtle occurrences, such as a leaning pole or obstruction of a solar panel, leading to reduced charging capacity and importantly, battery management. Our system’s capabilities are further enhanced through sophisticated video analytics. The pressing question arises now: Is your system operating flawlessly? Ensuring the continuous functionality of your surveillance setup is paramount to fully harnessing the power of video analytics. By verifying the optimal performance of your CCTV system, you unlock a world of invaluable insights and security-enhancing features.

Reimagining technology

These same principles also lie with our AIVI platform by taking complex tasks and simplifying them. We recognise a limitation in current technology: the need for human eyes to continuously monitor cameras after an event has occurred. To overcome this, we have completely reimagined the technology to see through the chaos and proactively identify undesirable events before they escalate. Our next-gen business process monitoring, powered by AIVI and deep machine learning, allows you to concentrate your attention where it is most crucial. With our innovative approach, you can stay ahead of potential issues and prioritise your focus where it truly matters.

Custom-designed visual AIVI

Traditional rules-based monitoring systems may suffice if the world always adheres to predictable patterns. However, the reality is that the world is inherently unpredictable. Ai Group stands apart from any other solution in this regard. Rather than being constrained by a fixed set of scenarios, Ai Group empowers you to define an unlimited number of process rules and analyse what is considered ‘normal’ within your unique business environment. At Ai Group, we aim not to replace humans but to empower them. We understand and appreciate humans’ unique strengths and limitations and design our systems accordingly. Through tailored and client-specific focus priorities, we create distinct AI algorithms that excel at detecting and alerting events that might otherwise go unnoticed. Each system is meticulously built from scratch to meet our client’s specific specifications and requirements, making them world-leading solutions that deliver visual AI excellence directly to you. Our technology has evolved by necessity as our needs change. Our team of experts has real-life global experiences. It has come together over the past 13 years and has deployed thousands of solar power systems across Australia and a vast array of users from government to private constructions. We have a long proven track record and are recognised as innovators in our field. Consider what you are risking when choosing the right system for your project.