Teleste receives sustainability gold medal award

Teleste receives sustainability gold medal award

Teleste announced it received a Gold Medal award in the EcoVadis Business Sustainability Rating, marking the significance of the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Now, Teleste places among the top 5% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in the past 12 months.

Globally recognised as an official standard for company sustainability performances, EcoVadis rates four categories which include: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

With so much respect in the industry, achieving the Gold Medal shows that Teleste has implemented significant improvements in these areas, which was reflected also in the company’s EcoVadis scorecard that increased from 65 to 76 out of the maximum 100 points.

Leena Hälinen, Director of Quality and Sustainability at Teleste, commends the company’s continuous development in attaining the result.

Hälinen said: “We are incredibly proud to receive the Gold Medal in the EcoVadis Business Sustainability Rating. This achievement confirms the effectivity of our consistent efforts to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business and ensures that we are on the right track in improving our practices.”

In recent years, Teleste has proved its commitment to greener goals, and completed its first-ever total greenhouse gas emission inventory, leading to the establishment of updated emission reduction targets.

Sustainability is a key part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 as the Kingdom strives towards a Net Zero future by 2060 with a commitment to clean energy and sustainability.

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