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As cyber threats becomes an epicentre of GCC business risk, James Gerber, CFO of SimSpace, details the preventative measures large organisations should be taking to ensure bottom-line growth in 2024. In early 2023, the GCC Executive Committee for Cybersecurity held its first meeting, marking a political...

James Gerber, CFO of SimSpace, unpacks why organisations should take a ‘train-to-failure’ approach to prepare for their worst day in cyber, for our Cybersecurity Awareness Month coverage. We are in an undeclared cyber war. Recent geopolitical unease has ushered in the first hybrid war, incorporating espionage,...

Pentera Webinar: Building an Exposure Management Program for Better Ransomware Readiness

Ransomware continues to be a threat to enterprises globally, however, there’s no need to accept it as fate. Through case studies, we will demonstrate the effectiveness of security validation in proactively testing your attack surface.

Join Security Middle East as we hear from Oren Kaplan, Senior Director MEA at Pentera and Hardeep Singh, Senior Security Architect, at Pentera, as they highlight the tangible benefits of adopting a strategic Exposure Management framework for reducing ransomware risk. Walk away with a blueprint for proactively testing and validating the effectiveness of your existing security investments, and see Pentera in action with a live demo of the RansomwareReadyTM module.

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