SwiftConnect and LEGIC support corporate access via NFC Wallet

SwiftConnect and LEGIC support corporate access via NFC Wallet

SwiftConnect and LEGIC Identsystems have formed a partnership that will deploy easy access for major corporations via NFC wallets in mobile devices.

As an official LEGIC partner, SwiftConnect – a leading provider of connected access enablement – is the first to enable corporate access via NFC wallets for LEGIC customers and its partner network.

The SwiftConnect and LEGIC integration will provide users with choice and flexibility to create frictionless experiences, that will transform how people access buildings and resources. Users will be able to access a mobile ID via the NFC wallet on their mobile device.

John Harvey, Head of Business Unit Access Management, LEGIC Identsystems, said: “We are excited to extend SwiftConnect’s proven expertise in NFC wallet integrations with LEGIC’s leading service for deploying secure mobile credentials into smartphones and other mobile devices. This solution is very attractive to our broad ecosystem of access control hardware partners and their end customers.

“With our partnership, LEGIC and SwiftConnect are driving corporate access deployments in Europe via NFC wallets in mobile devices for large end customers. Our collaboration positions LEGIC extremely well to open opportunities in other vertical markets and geographies.”

The partnership has already enabled a global financial institution headquartered in Europe to take advantage of the complementary capabilities that LEGIC and SwiftConnect can offer large, multinational organisations. The institution turned to SwiftConnect to integrate employee badge in Apple Wallet with their existing physical access and IT infrastructure so staff can use an iPhone and Apple Watch for hassle-free experiences. It also uses LEGIC’s reader and secure credential provisioning and key management service.

Josh Jagdfeld, VP of Partnerships at SwiftConnect, said: “Our strategic collaboration with LEGIC is fuelling our momentum by enabling SwiftConnect to power trusted mobile credentials in NFC wallets across LEGIC’s broad customer base and partner ecosystem for connected access to places, spaces and things.

“The partnership expands SwiftConnect’s range of supported technologies and makes it possible for more customers in major industries to take advantage of our ability to create self-service and on-demand access experiences via mobile credentials.”

Earlier this year, LEGIC Identsystems also collaborated with Rhenus Data Office to develop e-Lock, a digital security-enabled container to support secure document disposal.