Rhenus and LEGIC launch secure document disposal solution

Rhenus and LEGIC launch secure document disposal solution

Rhenus Data Office and LEGIC Identsystems launched a collaborative digital security-enabled container, e-Lock, to facilitate secure document disposal.

e-Lock is a new digital product that moves beyond the standard mechanical locking system, replacing the need for physical keys and integrating technology for ease of use.

Rhenus strategically partnered with LEGIC and Lehmann Locks to design a secure digital solution based on RFID contactless access control and LEGIC’s end-to-end IoT Security Platform.

The advanced system ensures that locks, data storage and communications implement the highest commercially available encryption AES-128 combined with Secure Element technology.

The digital locking system allows users more control and peace of mind by using a LEGIC SM-6300 Security Module and employing RFID smartcards to access containers that cannot be copied or de-coded by outside sources.

Michael Wiegmann, Managing Director of Rhenus Data Office GmbH said: “While LEGIC’s security technology is impressive and delivered all that was promised, the key factor was their support and consulting and the assistance provided by their partners at Lehmann Locks who could design and install the envisioned solution according to our needs.”

Intersec Dubai is taking place January 16-18, 2024, at the Dubai World Trade Centre and will allow visitors to learn more about the collaborative security project.