Sicurezza 2023: The Security and Fire Sector meets in Italy

Sicurezza 2023: The Security and Fire Sector meets in Italy

With less than two months to go before its inauguration, SICUREZZA 2023, the biennial international exhibition dedicated to security & fire solutions, unveils its program providing a preview of the topics and protagonists of an edition that promises to be a major opportunity to understand the market trends and to evaluate the most innovative solutions for protecting people, goods, and cities.

In a panorama of great changes, three are the keywords for this project:

Digitisation. Integration, and professionalism.

Three days to discover the most innovative solutions, meet the brand leaders and discuss the market trends and upcoming scenarios.

All the information about the event, the ticket office and the list of participating companies are already available online on the official Sicurezza website.


Digitisation is driving the security sector towards a profound transformation. Just think of smart cameras, integrated home automation solutions, intrusion or fire alarm systems manageable by APP, the use of IOT and artificial intelligence, and predictive or remote maintenance. These novelties also change the role of security managers, installers, and system integrators who are now called upon to develop an increasingly wide-ranging set of technical skills, including advanced IT training and specific regulatory knowledge.

SICUREZZA 2023, as always, will gather all these aspects completely and thoroughly, outlining in its space – physical and conceptual – the most up-to-date trends.

The products on display will be key: the number of participating companies has grown compared to the last edition, thanks also to new entries and the return of major brands.

Therefore, this will be a particularly interesting and highly representative edition for every sector, and this will make it possible to analyse the current scenarios, take stock of future ones and review the best technologies available today for the various fields of application.


Something entirely new in this edition is the fact that SICUREZZA will be part of the MIBA-Milan International Building Alliance, a strategic alliance that brings together four events linked by a single element: the evolution of buildings and cities.

Together with SICUREZZA, there will be the GEE – Global Elevator Exhibition, dedicated to horizontal and vertical mobility, the SMART BUILDING EXPO, Italy’s event for home and building automation and technological integration, and ME-MADE Expo, Italy’s leading international event for innovative and sustainable solutions for buildings and envelopes (which will last an extra day as usual, until 18 November).

MIBA was born from an assumption: the role of the building is changing and with it the construction industry. In fact, a building is no longer a simple container, but a service provider; a premise that calls for ever closer collaboration of the various sectors involved in design, material selection, mobility, system installation and security systems, with the shared objective of creating comfortable, safe, welcoming and sustainable environments.

In this context, MIBA’s cross-sector offers to provide a holistic and comprehensive view of the latest trends in the various sectors, at a time when achieving the goals of innovation and sustainability requires convergence and cooperation between professionals and related markets.

On the other hand, the advantage is also practical; visitors can access four trade fairs simultaneously in one location.



Another major highlight of SICUREZZA 2023 will be as always, its training schedule, which, thanks to the collaboration with publishers, associations and international stakeholders, will make it possible to take stock of market scenarios, regulations, certification and new professional skills.

An opportunity for professional growth amplified, this year, by all the MIBA fairs that visitors can choose to attend according to their interests.

Grouped into three thematic sections – innovation, sustainability, and regulations – the global conference schedule will offer unique training opportunities for professionals, sometimes even offering training credits.

The Cyber Security Arena is back too. In a market of customised, integrated and interconnected solutions, the arena offers a broad overview of the challenges in digital security and data protection through in-depth meetings and practical sessions. The Arena will host Cyber Security Talks, in-depth discussions with industry experts on current and future scenarios, and Cyber Security Tips, a pragmatic half-hour format, aimed at providing practical information on risk analysis tools, main trends in cyber attacks and cyber-awareness.