Red Sea Global trains with Special Security Forces

Red Sea Global trains with Special Security Forces

Saudi Arabia’s multi-billion dollar project Red Sea Global is set to open to visitors this year and, ahead of this, the development’s security teams are boosting their skills with special forces training.

Red Sea Global’s private security company – Red Sea Security Services – has undergone intensive and gruelling training with the Saudi Special Security Forces (SSF), who also helped with the development of the private security arm of the firm.

Speaking to DEFSEC at the Security Leaders Summit in Dubai this year, Tawfeeq Alsadoon, Executive Director at Red Sea Global, said: “We have multi-dimensional aspects to be considered at the Red Sea development.

“We have land destinations, we have islands on the sea with multiple hotels, and we have air or navigation security.”

Talking about the SSF, he added: “We are working with them to unify the training between our two forces and the command centre is being developed with them.”

The Saudi Special Security Forces was established back in 1975 to maintain stability in the Kingdom. Its branches include The Royal Guard, The Counter Terrorism Force and Special Emergency Force, all of which operate under the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

Mr Alsadoon will also be one of the keynote speakers at next month’s Security Middle East Conference. He will be exploring the topic of tourism security, sharing his knowledge, best practice examples and years of experience with the audience.