The Security Middle East Conference

The Security Middle East Conference

On May 9th, the Security Middle East Conference will bring together industry heads from a number of prestigious companies, to discuss everything from deepfakes to the digital landscape, to how businesses can align with Saudi Vision 2030.

The conference will explore the insights of keynote speakers such as:

Tawfeeq Alsadoon, Executive Director of Red Sea Global

Tannya Jalal, Artificial Intelligence Expert and Sales Professional from VMware

Mr. Abudulrahman Al-Fadel, former Saudi Aramco Refinery Manager

Through these keynotes, companies will learn more about the direction of artificial intelligence, the dangers of deepfakes, the relationship between the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative and the existing oil-based economy of Saudi Arabia, and finally, the way in which businesses can benefit from building tourism in the Saudi region.

All sorts of exciting projects are on the horizon for Saudi Arabia.

At the conference, we will be discussing NEOM, the Diriyah Gate Development Authority and the growth of the Red Sea Global Project. We’ll also explore how have these GIGA projects affected the Saudi Arabian economy and what can businesses do to be a part of new, growing sectors.

Alongside these discussions, businesses will also have the chance to network and develop strategies with security influencers and c-level decision makers.

The conference is sponsored by the ISF, Darktrace, Genetec, Eagle Eye Networks and Obvious Technologies. Find out more and register your interest.