Recfaces announces participation at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023

Recfaces announces participation at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023

RecFaces, a global provider of Facial Recognition Solutions, announces its participation at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023, which is taking place from October 3-5, 2023, at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre, in Riyadh.

RecFaces will exhibit its software solutions based on facial recognition technology, which recognizes a person or confirms their identity. RecFaces develops box solutions that help to quickly increase the efficiency of VMS, ACS, as well as ERP, CRM and time tracking systems. To enhance proactive video surveillance capabilities, visitors can explore RecFaces’ range of solutions like Id-Guard, Id-Gate, and more.

Additionally, during the conference, you will hear Mohammed Bajarsh, Head of Presale, MENA Region, RecFaces as a speaker on how Facial recognition can improve security at transport infrastructure facilities, which will be corroborated by a remarkable case study.

Mohammed Bajarsh with his extensive experience, will make it easily comprehendible for the audiences to understand:

  • Capabilities that are usually lacking in security monitoring operators at large transport infrastructure facilities
  • Facial biometrics can and cannot do
  • Real cases and results of facial biometrics implementation at transportation facilities

“RecFaces’ participation at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023 strengthens our commitment to enhance security through our world-class Facial Recognition Technology Solutions for both government and private sector across the verticals with easier adoption,” said Eugenia Marina, Business Development Director, MENA Region, RecFaces.

Adding to this Tamara Morozova, CEO at RecFaces stated:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has seen enormous growth and embraces technological advancements with a pragmatic approach. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a key market for us and we are expecting to meet key decision-makers to understand their needs and showcase to them how our solutions will help in enhancing their security experience.”

The countdown has begun and RecFaces cordially invites you to visit Intersec 2023 from October 3-5, 2023 at Pavilion 1 Stand F35, Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and unite to be part of a safe & secure world.