Matrix launches Matrix All Color Camera

Matrix launches Matrix All Color Camera

Matrix recently introduced the Matrix All Color Cameras, a camera that provides vivid coloured images in low-light conditions.

The launch of the Matrix All Color Series IP Cameras in Turret Enclosures reflects a strategic move by Matrix to broaden its product portfolio while upholding the brand’s commitment to durability and performance.

These cameras perform in a spectrum of surveillance applications, including corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, and residential areas.

The incorporation of SONY STARVIS SERIES sensors and advanced lenses equips these cameras to deliver outstanding low-light performance, capturing colour images even in low-light/ no-light environments.

This capability not only enhances identification but also reduces false alarms, offering valuable forensic evidence. The cameras serve as visible deterrents, contributing significantly to heightened security measures. From retail and healthcare to education and critical infrastructure, the All Color Series exhibits versatility.