Case Study: Matrix Security Solutions

Case Study: Matrix Security Solutions

Matrix Security Solutions was able to assist a cash management solutions company in Riyadh in overhauling its systems for more efficient operations.

Company Overview

A cash management solutions company based in Riyadh, that provides customised cash solutions to banks, CITS and corporates. The company manages end-to-end receivables and payables to facilitate effective business operations and make cash handling faster, safer and more efficient.

The Challenges

As a company involved in cash management, its facilities are vulnerable to a number of crimes including theft, fire and cyber attacks. The company wanted to ensure it had complete control over who could access its premises. It also needed to be able to detect suspicious activities at the earliest possible stage in order to deploy corrective measures. The company already had close to 300 IP cameras and 35 door controllers in place, however, the entire infrastructure of the security systems was scattered making it hard to monitor all of the devices centrally from the Head Office.

In addition, the prospect of centralising control of the devices would mean investing in both Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Video Management Software (VMS), which was proving to be costly. With the existing systems installed eight years ago, many of the components were outdated, which proved tricky when looking to integrate them with the latest Network Video Recorders.

The final challenge the company was looking to overcome was to implement a system that would keep a record of who had access to the premises and at what time, so it was looking for a robust time attendance system too.

The Solution

Working with Matrix Security Systems, the company opted to install the Matrix SATATYA Enterprise Network Video Recorder. It is capable of serving a purpose as both NVR and VMS, as it has inbuilt VMS with required licences and permissions. This was the first step in helping to keep costs low, while also improving the coverage of the premises and access points.

All of the company’s old and new peripheral security devices were integrated into the Enterprise NVR, which enabled it to manage all of its security devices. The solution integrates with the full range of Matrix IP cameras and devices, third-party devices and ONVIF conformant cameras, so the client did not need to invest its money in replacing its old and outdated system. The single monitoring application supported seamless integration between access control and CCTV cameras. This allowed the organisation to record every entry and exit happening on its premises. Additionally, the integration of the software means they receive timely notifications when events like intrusion, movement, tripwire or fire are detected. The company is kept updated in real-time in case of any exceptions with the use of video POP-UPs and email notifications. This helps support a faster response time to any incidents.

The solutions deployed to the company support the use of advanced access control features should the company wish to use them – including mantrap, 2-person rule and first-in rule. Matrix was also able to provide its time attendance solution to the company further strengthening its security protocols and ensuring it can generate monthly attendance reports of employees accurately and easily.