Interview with Paolo Pizzocaro, Fiera Milano – Director of SiCUREZZA

Interview with Paolo Pizzocaro, Fiera Milano – Director of SiCUREZZA

Following the hugely successful SiCUREZZA event, the Security Middle East team took the opportunity to sit down with Paolo Pizzocaro, the director of SiCUREZZA, to discuss the success of the event, and the evolution of the security technologies marketplace in the years to come. Mr Pizzocaro also discussed his expectations for the future of SiCUREZZA, touching on upcoming themes at SiCUREZZA 2025, read the full interview below:


1. Congratulations on delivering a fantastic event at Fiera Milano. Please tell us how the four co-located MIBA shows complement each other.


“We are indeed very satisfied with the results achieved by MIBA-Milan International Building Alliance. We registered great numbers – 80,000 trade operators is a figure that even surpassed our expectations – but above all, we are extremely pleased with the quality of the offer concerning both the exhibition and the training proposal shared by exhibitors and our partners during the days of the event.

MIBA was born with the awareness that the role of buildings – and therefore of our cities – is changing. The building – the primary cell of smart cities – is not a simple container anymore, it is being transformed into a true service provider, to guarantee not only maximum comfort but also safety, energy efficiency, sustainability and increasingly smart environments. A goal that calls for an ever-closer collaboration between the various sectors and professionals involved in design and construction. For this reason, we decided to hold at the same time these four trade fair events representing vertical markets.


Pictured: Paolo Pizzocaro (Source: SiCUREZZA)

The goal was to provide a 360-degree overview, ranging from the materials and processes for construction showcased at MADE expo to the mobility solutions presented at GEE-Global Elevator Exhibitions, up to the innovations in installations, building automation solutions and security and control systems displayed at SICUREZZA and SBE. MIBA allowed to describe the complexity of this convergence while providing operators with a systemic view of different markets that need to work together to achieve a common goal. An added value that was highly appreciated by visitors, especially foreign ones, who came mainly from Europe, but also from farther countries such as Venezuela, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Thailand and Senegal. The presence of synergistic proposals represents an advantage for everyone, but especially for those who invested in a long journey.”

2. Technology is at the heart of all of these events, but which technologies do you believe will be the driving force for years to come?


“Alongside technology, innovation is at the heart of all MIBA exhibitions…”


“Each event showed precisely how the integration of new materials, new processes and new solutions can give rise to proposals capable of ensuring greater comfort and efficiency, as well as a higher quality of life. In this context, security is becoming increasingly important, something that cannot be overlooked, because it protects access, but also manages processes and protects data.

Today, after what we have seen and heard during the days of SICUREZZA, I can say that digitisation and integration will continue to be among the main market drivers. The digital turn – also thanks to the ever-increasing application of advanced solutions such as artificial intelligence – opens up countless scenarios, while technological integration, which is guaranteed precisely by the possibility to connect formerly stand-alone solutions, has undoubtedly potential for expansion and is capable of ensuring tailor-made products for every type of context.”

Pictured: SICUREZZA 2023 (Source: SiCUREZZA)

3. Which themes do you predict will be at the heart of conversations at SICUREZZA 2025?


“A trade fair is planned by taking into account several elements. It starts first of all by analysing the results of the previous edition to understand the qualities of visitors, the most successful initiatives, but also the general opinion of visitors and exhibitors, an essential factor to identify the strengths, but also the areas for improvement of the event.

It is also fundamental to listen to the market, so as to understand the needs of operators and producers. Therefore, now that the analysis phase is starting, it is certainly premature to think about the main themes of the next edition, although I believe that the topic of integration will once again be under the spotlight.”

4. How does SICUREZZA successfully bring together leaders of industry from not only the whole of Europe but also around the world?


Our commitment to the international promotion of the exhibition goes back a long way: for several editions, we have been working to ensure that SICUREZZA is recognised as a reference point throughout Europe, and today I believe we made significant progress.

We achieved this thanks to international promotion in the media and roadshows organised during the main industry events, but also thanks to an important incoming programme that for this edition was realised in cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency, thus allowing us to bring to the fair highly selected top buyers from 36 countries.

This is an added value for the exhibitors, as it represents a concrete opportunity to expand their business.

As a matter of fact, through our My Matching system, they have the chance to schedule meetings before the event. Almost 3,000 one-to-one meetings were scheduled during the three exhibition days: opportunities for getting to know each other, but above all for potential new business.

5. Finally, any message for our audience regarding the next edition of SICUREZZA in 2 years?


We already have a date: SICUREZZA will be held at Fiera Milano from 19 to 21 November 2025.

I can tell you that the event will once again be part of MIBA: the numbers of this edition, but above all the general satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors, lead us to reconfirm the synergistic format between the four events. SICUREZZA will also maintain its verticality and the very strong identity it has built up over the years. The network of confrontation and collaboration at the heart of the event, which involves producers, associations, and vertical media, will once again be a precious resource to conceive a project that gives voice to market innovation and offers concrete opportunities for updating, business and networking.

Find out more from SiCUREZZA through official channels. Catch up with interviews from the show floor on our own SiCUREZZA expo-live page.

Security Middle East sends its thanks to Paolo Pizzocaro and the entire team at SiCUREZZA. We can’t wait to see what SiCUREZZA 2025 brings to the market.