Interview with KATIM CEO Didier Pagnoux


Interview with KATIM CEO Didier Pagnoux

Security Middle East had the opportunity to sit down with CEO of cyber-risk prevention firm KATIM, Didier Pagnoux. KATIM is the sole provider integrating sovereign classic and post-quantum cryptography, developed in UAE’s designated National Crypto Centers in our products. Based in Abu Dhabi and having offices in UAE and Finland, KATIM accelerates digital advancement, nurturing next-generation talent, and curating advanced innovations to solve the most difficult digital challenges for its customers. Through innovative cryptography, KATIM delivers globally applicable cyber communications solutions for government bodies and businesses of all natures around the world. Didier Pagnoux leads the company as it sees progress and change, continuing to scale up its innovative solutions, having spearheaded new initiatives as Chief Executive Officer over the last 7 months.

How has 2023 been for KATIM and what are you currently focused on?

2023 has been a transformative and successful year so far for KATIM. We have enhanced our capabilities, developed our product line, joined forces with global partners, expanded into new markets, and laid the foundation for providing even more comprehensive solutions in the defence and intelligence space. We are consistently developing solutions that prioritise data security and private communication, all while facilitating the transition towards quantum-resistant cryptography.

During this year, we launched KATIM 2.0, which is a purpose-built applications platform that uses the latest technology stack to create scalable, custom, and security-differentiated solutions for ultra-secure communication and collaboration across mobile and desktop platforms. It comprises all of our secure principles in one single platform, ensuring end-to-end encryption which cannot be guaranteed on mainstream, consumer-grade communication and collaboration solutions.

Currently, we are developing the 4th generation smartphone, a highly customisable phone trusted in tactical deployments, that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) supported functions and attachable modules which expand its capabilities. Our aim is for all government, defence, emergency responders, and public safety personnel to be equipped with KATIM devices, ensuring that all nations, their people, and their sensitive data is protected and secure. We will offer a preview of our latest secure smartphone at the upcoming Oman Fire, Safety, & Security Summit and Expo (OFSEC 2023).

We are also currently working on the new generation of ultra-secure applications using post quantum-cryptographic protocols, several quantum-resistant network encryptors for very specific use cases, and satellite communications.

Will KATIM be attending any more events in 2023 and 2024?

KATIM will exhibit its portfolio of ultra-secure devices and network encryption solutions at the OFSEC 2023 which is scheduled to take place in Muscat on October 9 and 10, and serves as a crucial venue for the mission-critical communications sector in the GCC and wider Middle Eastern region. This presents the perfect platform for us to preview our 4th generation ultra-secure phone, tailored specifically for the mission-critical sector, covering emergency response, public safety, and critical infrastructure protection.

We will also showcase a range of our products and solutions at the upcoming Dubai Airshow, as part of EDGE. This is an opportunity for us to showcase our KATIM Gateway range of network encryptors, focused on post-quantum cryptography-capable products for next generation data-in-transit security.

KATIM is also introducing “KATIM Trust,” a curated event which will be held annually for C-level leaders in Abu Dhabi enterprises and Government entities. Attendees of the inaugural KATIM Trust event, which will be held on October 30th at the Hilton Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, will hear from the UAE’s most reputed security leaders on global security challenges response strategies. They will also have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions with peers and experts, discover solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the UAE market, and foster valuable business relationships in an intimate setting.

How will KATIM’s new product address market challenges?

Our 4th-gen secure smartphone is designed with a deep understanding of the mission-critical sector’s demands. It ensures that professionals, often in high-stakes situations, can rely on this device for its seamless user experience, ensuring their communications remain uncompromised and confidential at all times.

Beyond its renowned security features, KATIM’s 4th-gen smartphone’s robust design promises modularity, allowing users to customise and adapt their device to ever-changing operational requirements, while also ensuring flexibility and reliability for those on the frontline.

Can you elaborate on KATIM’s focus on public safety and vital sectors?

The threat landscape has changed, and the vulnerabilities and risks associated with it evolve simultaneously. Nowhere is this more evident and pressing than in mission-critical sectors like public safety and critical infrastructure.

For instance, public safety is no longer just about rapid response but also about pre-emptive intelligence and secure communication. In situations where seconds can make a difference, it’s paramount that first responders have access to unbreachable, clear, and instant communication lines.

Similarly, as critical infrastructure becomes more digitised, the need for increased cybersecurity becomes paramount. An attack on these systems could cause widespread disruption, impacting millions and potentially bringing cities or even entire regions to a standstill.

By expanding into these sectors, KATIM is taking a proactive stance. We’re not just acknowledging the foundational importance of these areas, but also addressing their security needs with utmost urgency. In doing so, we aim to usher in a new era where critical sectors are protected by the most sophisticated and robust security measures, ensuring a safer, more resilient future for all.

What’s the vision behind KATIM’s secure communications ecosystem?

Five years from now, KATIM will be known as the global leader in secure communications, bringing to market cutting-edge best-in-class technologies and delivering amazing products and solutions locally and globally. We will achieve this by bringing together the brightest minds and talent in the world to enable our innovation roadmap.

KATIM is on an accelerated growth trajectory, doubling down on our investment strategy which focuses on developing new technologies to expand our portfolio, acquiring technology to accelerate our objectives, and partnering with the best in the world to create integrated solutions to meet client needs. KATIM is focused on providing robust end-to-end solutions in the secure communications domain, combining core in-house developed products with broader system integration services to address client’s use cases comprehensively.

This strategy will power our secure communications ecosystem and will expand our presence and capability in a number of regions including GCC, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America as part of EDGE’s target markets.

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