GISEC 2023 is now underway!

GISEC 2023 is now underway!

Microsoft today brought a message of collaboration and resilience to GISEC 2023, highlighting a zero trust approach and the importance of mixed reality policing tools.

Naim Yazbeck, General Manage of Microsoft UAE stated: “Microsoft Security recently surpassed a US$20-billion revenue milestone – the clearest signal yet that we are on the right track in protecting our customers from cyberthreats. […] We treat security as a team sport, which has become even more important as we embrace the world of hybrid work.”

Microsoft will be showcasing their impressive HoloLens 2, which is powered by the reliable, scalable and secure Microsoft Azure. The mixed reality device combines the physical and digital world, displaying digital information in the form of holograms – which then uses artificial intelligence to respond and react with real-world surfaces in real-time.

“Our security capabilities have expanded to synthesize 65 trillion signals a day, across device types, apps, and platforms. That gives us unparalleled visibility of the threat landscape” Yazbeck added.

GISEC 2023 brings together cybersecurity thought leaders to share knowledge and gives companies the opportunity to demonstrate their cybersecurity technologies and concepts.

The conference will be running over the next couple of days, between March 14th and March 16th, taking place in the World Trade Centre in Dubai. Find out more about the conference on our website.