Forward thinking

Forward thinking

Alida Scholtz was appointed as chief executive officer and managing director of G4S UAE in 2016. She tells SME about her leadership style and the wave of positive reforms she is implementing at the company

I feel that as a leader you need to get your message across through people of all levels of the organisation. It’s also very important for any organisation to keep your employees happy to maintain a positive and engaged workforce, be it inside or outside the workplace.

Finding out the connection our people have with G4S, where they live and how they live was the first step for me to further improve corporate happiness. The basics are there, but for me it was really important to find out how we can enhance the facilities even more for it to feel like home for our employees, varying from providing recreational activities to bonding sessions with the management and letting them know that we are there for them!

We are planning to expand our offerings and heavily invest into technology, innovation and smart solutions across all sectors of business. We want to make sure that our new customers that have made the strategic move to choose G4S as their security partner will benefit from our strategies as well at the same time.

In addition we are in the planning phase of launching our new cash solution product, which is expected to be officially introduced to the UAE market in the first quarter of 2017.

Being an international organisation gives G4S UAE access to multiple sources of information and intelligence, from a global perspective, at a press of a button. By having these high level monitoring tools available, we have the advantage of meeting international security criteria and have the qualifications to anticipate security disruptions.

I have always been very transparent to my customers in terms of my organisational commitment in order to meet their expectations. I’m also a firm believer that trust is a privilege that must be earned each and every day. I have always followed the same principles for my personal success. Another winning ingredient to create a winning attitude comes through group work. Coming together is one thing, but to actually being able to work together is progress to success.

To reflect the continued growth trend in the region, G4S has made a robust investment to expand its exceptional services and leadership position in the Middle East and India with our head office based in Dubai. We started off by bringing in new great senior-level talent to the organisation as part of our strategic investments plan to fuel our security operations. The new breed of leadership at G4S is highly skilled and brings both international and local experience from various service industries, embracing new perspectives that will help us to stay ahead of the game.

G4S UAE strongly follows our government’s initiative that promotes ‘Emiratisation’. We continue to maintain a strong workforce of Emiratis with highly trained expertise in military and police services, we also employ the largest number UAE nationals as a private security firm. We have been operating successfully for over 24 years and continue to have a strong foothold in the region and favourable markets such as the retail and aviation industry.

To expand our footprint even more we are looking at how we can better serve the education and hospitality sector in particular, where we are expecting to see a significant increase in growth if we look at Dubai’s 2020 visitor’s target. Furthermore we will continue to focus on our core strength and turn-key security solutions, which now have been supplemented with state-of-the-art technology tools to enhance and expand our value offerings towards our clients.


‘I’m a firm believer that trust is a privilege that must be earned each and every day ’


We have appointed Grant McArthur as the managing director of our Electronic Security Solution Systems. He brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge within the service industry and has over seven years of UAE experience. He previously worked for Serco Group and Johnson Controls. For our Cash Solution’s vertical we have appointed Peter Walters. Peter has over 20 years of experience working in the same industry. He will focus on how new technology and innovation can improve our products even more. We can’t reveal the details yet… but plans are there in the pipeline to officially introduce one of our new products in the first quarter of 2017. This product will definitely improve the accuracy and effectively streamline the management of businesses and retailers their cash deposits.

Waqar Mohamed has been working with G4S for over six years, he was recently promoted to head our Aviation Facilities Management’s vertical. Waqar brings over 20 years of experience in similar industries and various international roles. Lisa Williams has over seven years of local experience and will lead our premier outsourcing and recruiting vertical, First Select Employment Services. Lisa will take care and look into how we can further improve staffing procedures covering almost every sector.

Sunil Saxena our deputy managing director is an industry expert with extensive international and local experience in security design management. For over 20 years he has effectively managed the security operations, planning and logistics of international accounts, large-scale events and iconic venues. He will continue to run our Secure Solutions Business (Manned Guarding Services), and our Events Security Business & Planning in the UAE market. Sumi Rasouli has recently joined us and will head our Sales and Strategy department. Sumi has over 20 years of experience across multinational organisations.


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