For security integrators to be successful in 2021 they must be adaptable

For security integrators to be successful in 2021 they must be adaptable

“Successful systems integrators also understand the importance of securing what they sell,” says Matt Barnette chief executive officer of the PSA Security Network – the world’s largest system integrator consortium

At PSA Security Network, we have seen key attributes that make up the most successful of our systems integrators, especially seen in those who thrived in the past year. Those who embraced managed services fared best during the pandemic. One integrator even shared he was able to pay out bonuses in 2020 thanks to recurring revenue streams that kept his business thriving during COVID-19. When end users clamped down on spending, this hurt integrators who are heavily reliant on box sales or project work and helped further prove the long-term necessity of recurring revenue.

PSA has been beating the drum around managed services for years now but struggled to convince some integrators to adopt the model. 2020 proved to those who were skeptical that recurring revenue must play a key role in their business’ models going forward.

Now more than ever, we are seeing many systems integrators in both security and AV work managed services into their businesses. We have also seen a proliferation of products for our vendor partners that lend nicely to this model. Likewise, many of our integrators are seeing a demand from end users for new offerings as people are returning to shared spaces. From air filters to thermal cameras, pandemic-driven products are being requested in many sectors.

To be a successful systems integrator, one must walk the line of adding new products being requested but also not chasing something that may be a temporary trend. Now more than ever we have seen a convergence of disciplines and AV, security and IT integrators are seeing large overlaps in product demand and requests for service. A great systems integrator of any kind is willing to adjust to the needs of clients.

At the same time, cybersecurity is more important than ever, and systems integrators often struggle with exactly how to approach the topic. Remote work has further increased cyber vulnerabilities. This makes it harder for end users to protect themselves and many turn to their security systems integrators for support. If a security systems integrator is not adept in cybersecurity, they may lose to the business to someone else who is more capable.

Successful systems integrators also understand the importance of securing what they sell. Cameras, access control, alarms, and other security systems are frequently the targets of cyber breaches; integrators must do everything possible to ensure their products and systems are not comprised. Lastly, continuous education is a key component to keeping technicians and other staff at the top of their game. This has always been the reason why PSA TEC is such a highly regarded event in the security industry.

Top notch integrators keep their teams up to date on certifications and trainings to help continuously support the teams’ growth, as well as the overall competency of the integration firm. In addition to attending training and certifications at PSA TEC and other industry events, PSA systems integrators also take advantage of to continuously educate their teams on the latest products, services and subjects relevant to systems integrators.

PSA integrators are among the very best in the security industry and it is because they embrace the above. The pandemic threw us all a curveball, but savvy systems integrators were able to adapt according and have recovered nicely from any challenges. In fact, many have seen new business opportunities arise due to COVID-19.