Dubai Civil Defence selects Everbridge

Dubai Civil Defence selects Everbridge

Colonel Feras Mohammad Abdulla Belhasa Alshamsi, Director of Central Operations Department, Dubai Civil Defense, spoke to Security Middle East magazine about its recent deployment of the Everbridge SAGA Incident Response System.

Can you tell us about your
involvement in the SAGA Incident
Response System project?

As the Project Owner, my role was to oversee the implementation of the SAGA Incident Response System, from its conceptualisation to execution. My responsibility was to ensure that the project aligned with Dubai Civil Defense’s goals and requirements. We aimed to enhance our incident management capabilities and elevate our emergency response to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve this, we collaborated with Esharah, a leading solutions provider, to help us deploy the system.

What challenges were you
looking to overcome with the
implementation of the SAGA

Our main challenges revolved around managing the diverse and dynamic emergency situations that Dubai faces as a prominent tourist destination and bustling metropolitan hub. We needed a robust incident response system to address these challenges effectively. Specifically, we wanted to digitise our incident management life cycle, achieve faster incident registration and response times, and establish a Common Operating Picture (COP) to improve situational awareness.

What system were you using
prior to adopting the SAGA

Before the implementation of the SAGA system, we relied on a traditional Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. While it served its purpose, we recognised the need to upgrade to a more advanced solution that could meet the demands of our rapidly evolving urban environment and ensure seamless coordination among our emergency response units.

What was your brief to
Everbridge and Esharah when
you decided to implement the
SAGA system?

We presented Everbridge and Esharah with a clear vision for our incident response future. We tasked them with upgrading our CAD system to achieve operational excellence and digital cooperation through seamless integrations with various sub-systems and strategic public and non-public safety organisations in Dubai. We sought a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and secure solution to elevate our emergency response capabilities and better protect our community. Esharah played a crucial role in the successful deployment and integration of the SAGA system into our existing infrastructure.

How is the SAGA system
currently being used by Dubai
Civil Defense?

The SAGA system has become an integral part of our emergency response procedures. It is extensively utilised for registering emergency calls, providing automatic caller location identification, and dispatching the nearest fire station to the incident location. Additionally, the system enables us to document all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and harness smart dashboards for real-time monitoring of our operations. This has empowered us to make betterinformed decisions promptly.

Since the implementation of
the SAGA Incident Response
System, what results have you
seen, and what specific benefits
has the system brought to
Dubai Civil Defense?

The impact of the SAGA system has been profound. Notably, we have experienced significant reductions in incident response times, allowing us to measure the performance of individual fire stations and the overall efficiency of our operations. Moreover, the system has empowered us with a specific balanced scorecard for Control Room operators and fire stations, enhancing our decisionmaking processes and ensuring more efficient operations.

Do you have plans for the
future of the SAGA system,
such as further integrations
or wider rollout?

Absolutely, our plans extend far beyond the current implementation. We envision further integrations with our strategic partners and internal systems, including Esharah’s expertise, to achieve seamless operations both within our organisation and in collaboration with external stakeholders. The SAGA system has proven to be a game-changer for us, and we are committed to exploring its full potential to enhance emergency response and protect our community.

How has the SAGA Incident
Response System aligned with
Dubai Civil Defense’s goals?

The alignment with our goals has been exceptional. The SAGA system has equipped us with the capabilities to enhance incident management, leading to improved response times and a heightened level of collaboration with various organisations involved in emergency response. This system perfectly complements our dedication to ensuring public safety and our aspiration to be at the forefront of emergency management on a global scale.