CYFIRMA explores digital threats in logistics

CYFIRMA explores digital threats in logistics

CYFIRMA Industry Report finds numerous attack campaigns launched on businesses.

Logistics are an essential component in Middle Eastern exports and imports, manufacturing, and business operations.

But what happens when cyber criminals target the industry?

The CYFIRMA report found that logistics firms are battling against the rising wave of cybersecurity challenges after increasing cyber threats were noted in the analysis.

In the rapidly evolving digital age, logistics plays a crucial role in operations and cybersecurity vulnerability. As a core competent in global trade, the logistics sector heavily relies on technology, which makes it an attractive target for threats.

The CYFIRMA Report explored the industry’s cybersecurity challenges and key statistics.

The report read: “The logistics industry faces a medium to high risk of cyber threats. Ransomware is a significant concern, accounting for 10.9% of victims in the last 90 days, with a high focus from Blackbasta, Trigona, Lockbit3, and ALPHV.

“Share of logistics phishing themes has decreased by over 50%, attributed to reduced activity from Southeast Asia and smaller national postal services.

“Attack campaigns focused on Web Applications, Infrastructure Solutions and Operating Systems.”

Read the full report on the CYFRIMA website.