Case Study: Traka Assa Abloy

Case Study: Traka Assa Abloy

Traka Assa Abloy’s key management systems were installed to help Jubail O&M Company streamline its operational processes.


There are more than 230 staff operating at a single site, meaning the process of managing and controlling the facility’s critical keys to electrical switchgear, hazardous systems, vital plant compartments and equipment has been challenging. The task has become more demanding as the number of keys grew as the business has scaled up over the years.

Lack of efficiency & productivity: During the busiest hours,
searching for the right keys to provide access to authorised
personnel was a tedious task.

High administration costs: The keys were managed manually,
under the supervision of operation leaders. This meant the
associated administration costs were high, as operational
leaders had to ensure only authorised users had access to the
specific keys.

Outdated audit review: The company was recording key
movements in a logbook, with staff adding handwritten details of keys
signed in and out. Over time, staff signatures had become illegible.


Traka Assa Abloy installed its key management systems in order to streamline the operational process and ensure efficiency. Most importantly, the keys to critical equipment and plant rooms are always safely stored when they are not needed. The installed system meant that keys can be automatically distributed to any authorised user, plus there is a full audit trail of all users and key movements which is retained within the system and software, TrakaWEB.

Reduced downtime: Staff are able to locate the right keys thanks to the description search feature, and then gain access to them in just a few seconds. Speeding up access to keys is helping to reduce the time spent on old inefficient key location processes. Previously each member of staff responsible for key management spent more than 10 minutes every day searching and queuing for the right keys. Using Traka’s system has increased the speed of access by 95%, ensuring prompt response times during emergencies and unplanned maintenance.

Automated processes: Key and cabinet access rights are provided based on staff schedules. Not only does this offer 24/7 access to those who are authorised, but it ensures that access is only obtained during authorised time periods. Under the old system lost keys had the potential to become a security threat, not to mention the costs involved in replacing missing keys. Traka’s system includes the ability to generate an exception report, for any keys that are overdue. Additionally, automatic email reminders are sent when keys are not returned.

Audit report & compliance: The Traka system delivers 100% traceability which means JOMEL knows where every single key is at any given time. It also ensures that staff return the keys on time. Staff at the plant are able to generate a critical report to measure the quality and effectiveness of the health & safety policies in place, and the solution is compliant with Health & Safety regulations.