BCD releases Harmonize RMM to simplify system management

BCD releases Harmonize RMM to simplify system management

BCD has announced Harmonize Remote Monitoring and Management to simplify multiple module systems.

BCD recognises that technology is advancing at pace, resulting in constantly updating systems and ever-changing challenges for businesses of all shapes and sizes. To support this rapid evolution, BCD is releasing the Harmonize Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software.

Harmonize RMM is a software solution that simplifies the integration of various security system assets, through a straightforward and modular design. Harmonize offers unmatched system control, through a bespoke optimised dashboard that increases device control and ensures situational awareness. It also offers the ability to set custom telemetry and alarms that notify security professionals directly via email or text when a threshold is met, allowing for proactive management and failure prevention.

The software solution is designed to operate with an agnostic, non-proprietary approach. Practically, this means the software can integrate with hardware vendors such as VMS platforms, including Avigilon, Milestone and more.

The solution can be configured to operate with assets from any vendor, including cameras, network switches, and software providers. Harmonize RMM’s reach is all-encompassing with regard to compatibility, bringing all modules from vendors, into one single-pane-of-glass management dashboard.

BCD has released a number of innovative products in the past, including VMS Verified Storage Bundles.