BCD Develops VMS-Verified External Storage Bundles

BCD Develops VMS-Verified External Storage Bundles

BCD has developed another security product with its VMS-verified external storage bundles, that work with its existing video software options.

The new product joins their existing range of high-availability security solutions including large storage rack-mountable servers, video management software and more.

With the advent of Deepstor®, BCD brings that same focus on high availability to the external storage arena, with storage bundles maximised for performance and BCD-certified for Avigilon, Genetec, and Milestone systems. These mass storage systems offer instantaneous on-premises video surveillance recording, along with the built-in capability of archival cloud storage for longer retention requirements.

BCD’s economic Deepstor solution is aiming to save customers money, time, and ongoing maintenance fees. The solution is delivered fully engaged in a pure “plug-and-play” mode, thanks to BCD’s customised set-up module. Set up is efficient and easy, allowing for installation without the need for a system engineer or on-staff tech.

BCD’s developers have also created an exclusive quick-start integration for easy site deployment, with user-friendly features such as a simple and guided user interface for host port mode setup and configuration, automated iSCSI virtual disk target configuration, automated iSCSI Logical Unit of Storage (LUN) connection and addition to the host, simplified disk group and storage capacity expansion, automated system log retrieval for diagnostics, and simplified disk and controller firmware updates.

BCD also added a management dashboard displaying system health information, real-time alerts, storage availability performance statistics, host information, port information, and overall system status.

These Deepstor bundles serve as a proactive storage engine, providing business continuity by protecting critical data, allowing rapid access to the video data, advanced data protection, and self-healing technology to reduce management time and human intervention.

To maximise data protection, Deepstor utilises an Autonomic Distributed Allocation Protection Technology (ADAPT) erasure encoding solution. This replaces traditional RAID types with a protection scheme that distributes the parity across a larger set of Hard Disk Drives, allowing for high availability video data protection at a higher capacity level than ever before.

One major benefit of ADAPT is that rebuilds are up to 95% faster than with traditional systems. That rebuild that used to take days now only takes minutes.

The system performance within these 2U 6-Bay and 5U 84-Bay storage enclosures allow for 12GB/s read and 10GB/s write throughput, with 725K IOPS at 1ms latency.  With a single host, the bundles support 1,100 Mbps of system throughput on an Avigilon Control Center™ or Genetec Security Center™ project and 1,000 Mbps driving a Milestone XProtect® project.  All of which can accelerate to up to 2.4Gb/s of throughput with additional host computers.

Among the targeted vertical markets for these robust solutions include Aerospace and Defense, Commercial, Education, Energy/Oil & Gas, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Large Venue.

To find out more about BCD and their products, visit their website here.

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