Zwipe Access announce partnership with LEGIC Security Platform to provide end-to-end biometric security

Zwipe Access announce partnership with LEGIC Security Platform to provide end-to-end biometric security

Biometric solutions provider Zwipe has announced its partnership with LEGIC Identsystems, as the companies look to provide end-to-end biometric access control solutions.

LEGIC, who are the leading experts in end-to-end security for smartphone and smartcard-based access and mobility solutions, recently announced another partnership as they collaborate with Third Millenium.

This latest partnership will provide customers with increased security, data privacy and GDPR compliance. The powershouse duo of Zwipe and LEGIC Identsystems will see the pair successfully combine their respective high performance and innovative technologies for a next generation biometric system-on-card for access control. This solution will provide highly secure multi-factor authentication integrated in an ID-Card form factor.

Zwipe Access adds two-factor authentication to existing contactless card-based access control systems without the need to upgrade any of the existing infrastructures, meaning that no new readers, pin pads or cameras need be installed at the doors, gates, or turnstiles. The authorised user’s fingerprints data are captured, using the card’s integrated fingerprint sensor, encrypted, and then stored in the card’s secure element.

Speaking on the partnership, John Harvey, Head of BU Access Control at LEGIC said: “Zwipe’s embedded biometric verification in batteryless smartcards adds a revolutionary new layer of security to the huge installed base of LEGIC card-based access control systems worldwide. This innovation brings benefits that were formerly only available on smartphone solutions, while preserving existing infrastructure and drastically reducing time-to-market.”

Zwipe echoed the statement, as André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe shared: “We are very excited with our cooperation with LEGIC, one of the leading global providers of end-to-end security platforms for smartphone- and smartcard-based access, mobility, shared resource and industrial IoT applications. We are already working on several sharp customer cases based on LEGIC’s Security Platform. We are confident this is only the start of a long series of opportunities with LEGIC.”