Women in Security panel impressed with industry diversification

Women in Security panel impressed with industry diversification

The Women in Security panel discussed the implications of hiring more women in the security sector at the Intersec 2024 Security Leader’s Summit.

Participants at the panel spoke about training, skills utilisation and inclusive policy, sharing a view that it is essential to empowering women in the industry.

By fostering inclusivity, the panel highlighted at Intersec that the security sector can benefit from the full potential of a diverse workforce.

The discussion shone a light on the role of industry leaders and governments and what they can do to create an environment where women can thrive in security-related job roles.

Lorraine Adkins, Interim Director of Campus Safety Operations at New York University Abu Dhabi, described how remarkable it is that 25% of security officers at New York University Abu Dhabi are women.

Talking about the progress made in the UAE, Suzan Ahmad Al Ghanem, Section Head – Organisational Resilience and Business, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, said: “In the UAE, our leaders give us incredible support to the empowerment of women over the years, in all fields. In this male-dominated field, we may face many challenges. We must work extra hard to prove ourselves, get the job done, and do the best we can to serve our country.

“Women today have proved everyone wrong. I am very proud when I see Emirati women going to the field. Seeing the percentage of women in our military growing year-on-year gives hope for future female leaders in security.”