VIVOTEK and ASI Corp partner to distribute IP Surveillance

VIVOTEK and ASI Corp partner to distribute IP Surveillance

VIVOTEK partnered with ASI Corp to distribute its products in the US and Canada.

Albert Lin, VIVOTEK USA general manager said: “AS VIVOTEK continues to grow, we need a distribution partner with significant reach and deep rooted knowledge of the North American marketplace to help us achieve both our short- and long-term goals.

“We are proud to work alongside ASI as their decades-long success and reputation as an industry leader will exponentially enhance our ability to market and deliver our products and initiatives throughout the U.S. and Canada.”

Kent Tibbils, V.P. of Marketing for ASI added: “The security surveillance market continues to be a highly strategic category for ASI and for our customers working in a wide range of markets including education, health care, retail, factory, finance, and general SMB.

“Our customers can provide diverse expertise in networking, storage, installation, and training that give them unique advantages to support end clients that are deploying security cameras and surveillance systems. With VIVOTEK’s reputation for quality as well as their ability to provide advanced technologies such as AI, POE, facial and object recognition, security VARs are finding new opportunities to provide value to end clients in their specific vertical. Additionally, VIVOTEK’s product portfolio is NDAA and TAA compliant which is a unique differentiator that makes their solutions extremely advantageous to our customers.”