Viisights announced Wise 3.0 video analytics software

Viisights announced Wise 3.0 video analytics software

Viisights, Inc., a global leader in behavioral recognition video analytics, announced today the release of Wise 3.0, ushering in the next generation of proactive analytics for professional security.

Wise 3.0 provides significant improvements in processing speeds and performance impact, specifically in high recall and low false positive rates, this new release also comes with higher levels of cyber-security capability, supporting the HTTPS encryption protocol. The perfect analytical tool for business intelligence applications.

“viisights Wise 3.0 sets new benchmarks in video analytics performance with more powerful processing capabilities that virtually help eliminate costly false alarms, and further improve security and operations with new and enhanced detection capabilities,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights. “Wise 3.0 provides organizations with a powerful preemptive and proactive solution to best meet their security, safety and business operations objectives.”

Viisights Wise 3.0 incorporates a range of powerful enhancements designed to elevate the platform’s overall performance and redefine the landscape of video analytics. Key improvements include:

  • Increased Throughput: Wise 3.0 delivers a remarkable boost in throughput, achieving a 25% increase in stream handling capacity on a server equipped with 2 RTXA4500. With minimal latency of just a few seconds, organizations can effortlessly manage a higher volume of video streams, enabling smoother operations and real-time insights.
  • Enhanced Infrastructure: By leveraging the upgraded Nvidia DeepStream framework to version 6.2, Wise 3.0 harnesses the full potential of GPU computing power, resulting in lower costs per stream and superior quality of results generated, delivering unparalleled accuracy and cost-efficiency.
  • Improved User Interface: Wise 3.0 offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, featuring a large window for displaying detections. Clicking on the explorer playback window or the alarm playback window initiates a larger window pop-up displaying the video with associated detections

Find out more about that Wise 3.0 has to offer, through Viisights official website.