Videonetics: Making Cities Smart

Videonetics: Making Cities Smart

Security can be a gateway to tourism – finds Videonetics, after their recent conversion of a small town in India, led to a bustling tourism business making the most of the safe streets.

The town, in Arunachal Pradesh in India, envisioned a paradise of a well-managed, secure, clean and green place for citizens and tourists alike. Thanks to the implementation of a number of Videonetics solutions, this dream is now not only a reality but stands as the bar for other towns in India to aim toward.

The Before

The town had a number of security problems. Cameras failed to cover large portions of the town, allowing several incidents to occur unreported. Infrastructure was rapidly developing in the region, which came with a number of concerns for vigilance, traffic, municipal, asset protection and citizen safety.

The Now

Videonetics identified these problems, and the bespoke security solutions required to negate them and achieve the town’s goal.

Intelligent VMS now allows security personnel within the town to identify troublemakers and determine how to counter them.

Automatic License Plate recognition means threat-actors travelling in stolen cars, or in cars they are known to use, can be tracked and identified before they are anywhere near the citizens of the town.

Facial Recognition Systems identify and track individuals, stopping them from disappearing into shadows, due to information being shared between systems and extended camera coverage.