Vehicle Scanning at checkpoints

Vehicle Scanning at checkpoints

With Covid-19 coming to an end, the world is beginning to open its borders again, however, this means that innovations must return to the transport security industry.

SecuScan, a company who have worked with Security Middle East in the past, has developed The SecuScan Under Vehicle Inspection System in both a fixed and mobile capacity. Perfect for renting vehicles, checkpoints, pilots, demos and special events, the innovative technology allows for the quick scanning of the underside of vehicles.

The SecuScan Mobile System comes with easy-to-install aluminium ramps. These are light and easy to carry, meaning for rapid deployment, perfect for transport security situations that demand constant movement, such as at borders, or during events.

The under-vehicle inspection system has shockproof housing as part of its second module – the SecuScan scanning station, which uses imaging software on the underside of the car and transfers it to connected computers.

Individuals can quickly see if something is wrong with the underside of a car, whether a threat actor is attempting to break a law, or whether there is simply a technical fault developing in the vehicle which poses a risk to those on the other side of the transport security.

As more vehicles import and export hundreds of thousands of products every day, across the Middle East, mobile scanning must be a concise option for transport checkpoints.