VAST Data and Genesis Cloud partner to deliver AI-optimized cloud infrastructure worldwide

VAST Data and Genesis Cloud partner to deliver AI-optimized cloud infrastructure worldwide

VAST Data announced a strategic partnership with Genesis Cloud to make AI and accelerated cloud computing more efficient, scalable, and accessible to organisations across the globe.

The agreement will mean that Genesis Cloud will be able to use the VAST Data Platform to build a more comprehensive set of AI data services in the industry.

The companies released plans to lead the way for a new generation of AI initiatives and Large Language Model (LLM) development by delivering highly automated infrastructure with enhanced performance and efficiency.

Dr Stefan Schiefer, CEO at Genesis Cloud said: “To complement Genesis Cloud’s market-leading compute services, we needed a world-class partner at the data layer that could withstand the rigors of data-intensive AI workloads across multiple geographies.

“The VAST Data Platform was the obvious choice, bringing performance, scalability and simplicity paired with rich enterprise features and functionality. Throughout our assessment, we were incredibly impressed not just with VAST’s capabilities and product roadmap, but also their enthusiasm around the opportunity for co-development on future solutions.”

The partnership will allow for multitenancy enabling concurrent users across the public cloud, tighter security in cloud environments, simplified workloads and more.

Chris Morgan, Vice President of Solutions at VAST Data explained: “With the VAST Data Platform, Genesis Cloud offers organizations access to Europe’s most performant and efficient GPU-accelerated cloud services, optimized to suit the needs of their business – from speed, to scale, to security and compliance.

“As VAST continues to expand our global presence in Europe and beyond, our partnership with Genesis Cloud allows us to serve our joint customers with flexible, high-performance infrastructure solutions and services for their growing AI and inference pipelines.”