United Arab Emirates signs co-operation protocols with Portugal’s APSEI

United Arab Emirates signs co-operation protocols with Portugal’s APSEI

The United Arab Emirates has signed a deal with Portugal’s APSEI, regarding future collaborations in their respective security sectors.

Over the course of six days during PROTEGER 2023 International Conference, delegates from APSEI – the Portuguese Security Association –  discussed with representatives from the United Arab Emirates about opportunities for various partnerships between companies within the UAE and Portugal.

“As part of the security sector’s internationalization strategy, APSEI defined the United Arab Emirates as a market of opportunity. If Portuguese SMEs are already recognized, in other sectors, as quality and reliable partners, why not extend this reputation to the Security Sector and work alongside the most recognized world players, in a win-win perspective”, says Carlos Dias, Chairman of the Board from APSEI.

Delegations from both groups discussed the future of market studies, benchmarking, collaborative network opportunities, platform and prospecting and contact actions.

Through the two working together, greater interconnectivity is allowed, pushing forward the industry.

During this Mission, APSEI signed a Cooperation Protocol with the Portugal Business Council in Sharjah, in which both parties will take advantage of all relevant opportunities, within their competencies, to promote and develop trade, investment, economic, scientific and technological cooperation and other business relationships between companies, entrepreneurs and organizations in safety and security in the UAE and Portugal.

In the coming months, we’ll be keeping an eye on the development of this new partnership – find out more about APSEI here.