UAE to reach 3rd globally in GenAI space

UAE to reach 3rd globally in GenAI space

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been predicted to become the third-largest global player in the regenerative artificial intelligence (AI) sector, after the United States and China. 

Jaspreet Bindra, founder of Tech Whisperer UK Limited and a technology strategist, has stated that the UAE has the potential to develop and supply various AI products to the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region. 

The UAE’s domestic companies and organizations are working to seize the vast potential of the fast-emerging technology, which could also potentially emerge as a major job creator in the field

The UAE is already taking the lead with homegrown ventures such as G42, which has created two world-class language models, Falcon and Jais, that are among the major models after ChatGPT and Baidu.

Bindra predicts that the UAE will emerge as a major job creator in the AI and regenerative AI fields, as the government is pursuing initiatives in the sector in a highly focused approach. 

He believes that while AI will lead to the loss of some jobs, it will also create new ones. The potential is huge if companies and governments understand and tap the opportunities they offer. 

Bindra’s advisory firm, Tech Whisperer, is already in talks with some of the leading players in the corporate sector in the UAE to advise them on their AI and gen AI transition plans. He will also be working extensively in the knowledge area, conducting talks, workshops, and sessions to increase awareness and potential of these technologies. 

Bindra is also in talks with highly reputed Indian universities to take them to the UAE to set up centres to work in the AI field.