Tyco aims to set a new standard for PTZ cameras

Tyco aims to set a new standard for PTZ cameras

The two recently launched 2 megapixel Illustra Flex IR PTZs from Tyco, the security products division of Johnson Controls, are packed with functionality which enable them to collectively provide an affordable solution for virtually any video surveillance application where the cameras are required to cover wide areas in varying environmental and light conditions.

A combination of 30x optical and 12x digital magnification means operators are able to use either model to zoom in to see close up detail of any activity. The ability to do so is significantly enhanced by adaptive IR illumination which adjusts the intensity of the IR in line with the operator controlled zoom setting of the camera.

The IR illumination built into the IFSO2P6INWIT Illustra Flex IR PTZ camera, which is designed for indoor use, enables it to capture high quality images in night time conditions at a distance of up to 25 metres, whilst the outdoor IFS02P60NWIT’s IR illumination has a range of 150 metres. They are both packaged in a bubble-free, IP66 environmentally sealed and IK10 vandal-resistant case, instead of a transparent dome cover usually fitted to PTZ cameras. This negates the potential problem of IR diffused reflection and maximises image quality, regardless of the camera tilt angle.

The VideoEdge TrickleStor feature built into Illustra Flex cameras allows video recording to continue at the edge if there is disruption to the network. This means that if communications between an exacq or VideoEdge NVR and cameras are interrupted, the camera automatically detects the anomaly and begins recording video onto an SD card. The video recorded on the SD card is transferred to the NVR’s hard drive for seamless viewing, as soon as connection with the network is restored.