Treyam, the latest NEOM giga-project

Treyam, the latest NEOM giga-project

Treyam is the latest giga-project announced by NEOM, the PIF-Backed company seeking to establish Saudi Arabia as a global tourism destination, no longer reliant on the region’s historically large oil economy.

A 250-room luxury resort stationed in the beautiful desert landscape, with unique naturalistic architecture hotels on either side of a bridge structure which has a 450-meter-long rooftop pool and holds the 250 luxury rooms within the bridge structure.

Amenities in the luxury resort include wellness & fitness centres, such as massage parlours and serene spas designed to further elevate the relaxing tourist experience promised by a trip to the Kingdom.

The bridge in the middle is designed to be the heart of the giga-project, connecting two beautiful shorelines, whilst enabling high-altitude sporting activities, access to watersports and a staging ground for other sports throughout the region.

Treyam’s Security Demands

These giga-projects have bespoke security demands, such as Treyam requiring security personnel trained for water-based operations, able to subtly, effectively interact with both threat actors and those who need help whilst they interact with the rooftop pool area, corridors of the bridge, and the demanding shoreline environment.

Alongside this, security personnel must be able to act effectively in a hotel environment and carry themselves with the mannerisms that are expected of global tourism destinations.