Trend Micro showcase Trend Vision One at GITEX GLOBAL

Trend Micro showcase Trend Vision One at GITEX GLOBAL

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity, is participating at GITEX GLOBAL, taking place from 16th to 20th October at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Aligning with Cybersecurity Month, Trend Micro has reinforced its commitment to cybersecurity at their showing at GITEX GLOBAL, In an era where digital threats have become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region faces unique cybersecurity challenges. As we navigate the digital age, bad actors are leveraging advanced technologies, rendering traditional security measures insufficient.

The Trend Micro mid-year report, titled ‘Stepping Ahead Of Risk’, stated that just in the initial half of 2023, the company’s solutions identified and prevented more than 475 million threats across the MEA region, highlighting the growing intensity and intricacy of such attacks. Additionally, in the UAE alone, over 39 million threats were detected and blocked.

On the show floor of Gitex Global, Trend Micro is showcasing its latest innovation, Trend Vision One. This cutting-edge solution, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is engineered to provide unparalleled cybersecurity defences, meeting the demands of a swiftly evolving digital world.

In addition to Trend Vision One, Trend Micro is also presenting a variety of groundbreaking solutions. Key among these are Trend Micro Workforce One, targeting ransomware, phishing, and data breaches, and Trend Micro Network One, which emphasizes network security by enhancing visibility of unmanaged devices and facilitating zero-trust access.

At GITEX, Trend Micro will also be taking part in a series of discussions to raise awareness about the challenges of the current threat landscape and share best practices to combat modern threats in the expanding attack surface.