The Security around Al Murabba

The Security around Al Murabba

What is Al Murabba?

Designed to redefine the Skyline of Saudi Arabia, the huge cube-shaped skyscraper named Makuub, seeks to be the size of over 20 empire-state buildings.

The cube will contain two million square metres of shops and cultural attractions, being built as part of the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 initiative.

Led by Saudi Arabian royalty, Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, the project will also contain 9,000 hotel rooms and over 1.4 million square metres of office space. It is expected that tourists will be able to spend their entire holiday in luxury, inside the wonderous cube.

The Security Behind It

Any establishment which keeps people housed within requires high security and safety standards. As a result, there are a number of security stations and on-site residencies for security officers who will be staying inside the Cube.

Similar to any isolated or large-scale grounds, security teams have on-site establishments to operate from, acting as a hub to manage the latest in security technologies from. Due to the sheer scale of the Makuub, there will be multiple security teams working in tandem across the giga-project.

These security teams will have a unified security ecosystem, that which combines surveillance and access control technology, with artificial intelligence, to track and control the flow of potential threat actors. This, alongside the high training of the security individuals, will ensure that those who enter Makuub with no ill intent, are guaranteed to feel safe, secure and have a stress-free tourism experience.