Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group opts for Matrix solutions

Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group opts for Matrix solutions

Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group is the first perfume manufacturer to operate out of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It currently produces more than 35m perfumes each year, from five modern manufacturing facilities with a combined area of 165,000ft2, and exports to over 80 countries.

Given Swiss Arabian’s presence across several cities in the UAE, the company decided it was time to centralise its data management of employee attendance details, from all units. Any new system would also have to factor-in calculation of overtime hours and management of rollover shifts. Finally, all attendance data would need to be verified with detailed location-specific reports.

Matrix addressed these challenges by proposing the installation of a door controller at each location, connected via a centralised platform, COSEC CENTRA, enabling the management of all data from one place. Through the web-based employee portal, the solution was also able to facilitate efficient leave and shift management, as well as help the HR team generate customised reports as and when required.

As a result, Swiss Arabian is now reaping the benefits of: centralised attendance management from all locations; streamlined shift allocation and automated shift correction; customised attendance policy formation; real-time alerts in the case of an attendance event; auto-scheduled reporting; efficient employee database management; and, most importantly, improved productivity.

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