Sustainable enterprise with Dahua – Global CSR Projects

Sustainable enterprise with Dahua – Global CSR Projects

Dahua Technology, a provider of video-centric AIoT solutions and a service provider, actively supports the sustainable development of society and green initiatives through ‘tech for good’. 

A press release from the company discusses their multi-pronged approach. The company donate their solutions in key areas where it is needed to assist with the development of children, and educational and social organizations.

Dahua Iberia has donated one DeepHub smart interactive whiteboard to Centro de Educación Especial Los Álamos, a special education school in Madrid. It enables them to personalize their activities related to adaptive skills, allowing them to improve and offer necessary support for their students with intellectual disabilities.

Moreover, in partnership with CS Sécurité in Montréal, Dahua jointly donated a new access control system to the Marie-Vincent Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Montréal, Canada that is committed to supporting children, adolescents, and families by providing specialized counselling and intervention. The donated Dahua equipment significantly transformed the entire centre’s security through better access management and clear video surveillance footage.

Security Technology is not only used for keeping threats out, here we can see it being used positively, upgrading the safety of an establishment and furthering the development of a society through the protection it provides.

Security Technology protecting the environment

Aside from its charitable donations, Dahua has also been actively engaged in developing intelligent solutions to aid scientific explorations and to promote sustainability through its environmental initiatives.

Dahua entered the Antarctic region for the first time by donating 15 intelligent devices to different local scientific bases, providing clear images of the flora and fauna in the Argentine region of Antarctica that are beneficial in the research studies conducted in “The White Continent”.

The Dongting Lake project greatly shows how Dahua’s intelligent fishery management solution helps curb illegal fishing and other illegal activities. Dahua’s intelligent monitoring solutions were also applied in protecting the wetland ecosystem in the Yangtze River which is home to various fish species and other aquatic animals.

As we approach the era of Smart Cities, we can see through Dahua the many positive impacts Security Technology will have on the environment and the different public buildings which need to be upgraded.

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