How Smart Cities will impact crime response

How Smart Cities will impact crime response

In the future, in a city such as the Line, crimes will be thwarted and recorded much easier through interconnected surveillance, transport and smart technology networks.

In this potential theoretical scenario, an individual makes his way from a meeting with another, drops off a suspicious object, and then attempts to flee the scene. However, interconnected surveillance networks have calculated his path, both where this individual has come from and where they are headed next. Cameras have zoomed in on and identified a potentially harmful object – automatically flagging nearby police officers and ensuring they intercept the aforementioned object.

Meanwhile, smart technology has identified the threat actor, more than this, his home network, personal details and more have tied his motivations, allegiances and plans to other crime scenes or threatening groups. The individual is apprehended along his planned path, with all evidence of his crimes neatly recorded and stored – no one has been harmed and the individual, as well as anyone he’s met with, is apprehended and secured.

No drop-off points, No distractions, Nothing missed.

This is the future of surveillance solutions, with interconnected smart cameras and artificial intelligence creating a flow of information that can accurately record and predict crimes as they are happening, giving necessary high-quality information to police officers and giving them the ability to crack down on a threat – before it becomes a threat.

Any items that require special care, such as potentially explosive devices, or flammable chemicals, can be responded to appropriately. Bomb Disposal Machinery can be prepped and called in from the moment it’s known to be required, not by humans, but by artificial intelligence existing within networks in Smart Cities.

In this future, interconnected technologies will operate simultaneously to ensure a high standard of living and care for individuals living within Smart Cities. This safety, was pioneered by the likes of NEOM, The Line and other giga-projects in creation in the Middle East.