Smart Building Expo 2023 ends exceeding all expectations

Smart Building Expo 2023 ends exceeding all expectations

A vast turnout, popular conferences, and a broad debate on the opportunities of the smart evolution of buildings and cities: SMART BUILDING EXPO 2023, the home and building automation and technological integration event organised by Fiera Milano and Pentastudio, exceeded all of the expectations which were put onto the event.

SBE, together with SICUREZZA, MADE expo and GEE-Global Elevator Exhibition, participated in a broader event: the MIBA-Milan International Building Alliance, the format that, for the first time, brought under one umbrella four vertical shows that, in different ways and with multiple proposals, contribute to the sustainable and smart evolution of buildings and cities. A cross-offer available to visitors with a single ticket and attended by more than 80,000 operators hailing from 111 countries.

As part of this event, SMART BUILDING EXPO, with its 142 exhibitors from 15 countries, was an opportunity to review platforms, solutions, and products that are fundamental for making buildings smart and making them communicate with each other within the context of a smart city.

Efficiency, effectiveness, and interoperability embodied the underlying message of an event that offered a different way of looking at buildings and homes, today increasingly understood as veritable hubs of citizen services.
Many said “Something has changed” and the feeling is that this is only the beginning of a long-lasting phenomenon that will permanently change our homes, leading to the green revolution that is the focus of the European directives on


Source: Fiera Milano


A great deal of attention has emerged around the so-called BACS (Building Automation Control Systems), undervalued resources so far that can lead to major improvements in the energy performance of buildings, especially existing ones, without affecting the envelope. Savings can be as high as 25-30%.

With a schedule of over 50 meetings and initiatives designed to provide opportunities for discussion and professional development at all levels, SMART BUILDING EXPO 2023 provided a full insight into the sector’s innovation over the three days of the exhibition, while also focusing on trends and development opportunities.

A number of high-profile speeches took place, including, for example, that of Architect Cino Zucchi and the associates of ALA-Assoarchitetti, which discussed the topic of the change that the use of new technologies is bringing to the city and buildings, and how technology is changing the habits of citizens, also impacting the real estate sector.

A topic that also marked the high-level debate that characterised the third Milano Smart City Conference, which for the first time took place in two different sessions: the first on 14 November at Assimpredil ANCE in Milan and the second at Fiera Milano on 15 November.

SMART BUILDING EXPO will be back at Fiera Milano from 19 to 21 November 2025, as part of the MIBA-Milan International Building Alliance, confirming the same formula while also featuring SBE, SICUREZZA, MADE expo and GEE-Global Elevator Exhibition.

Find out more about the SMART BUILDING EXPO via the official site.