Senstar systems are now successfully integrated with Genetec’s security

Senstar systems are now successfully integrated with Genetec’s security

Network Manager provides the common software interface for monitoring and controlling Senstar perimeter sensors from VMS, SMS, and PSIM systems, and functions as a data server, which collects and distributes alarm point and control point status.

Using Network Manager as the sensor interface, the Security Center integration allows sensor zone alarms to be monitored from the Security Center map and alarm monitoring screens, provides the means to trigger Security Center event-to-action programming, and supports arming/disarming individual zone alarms. Full sensor health status is displayed in Security Center and the ability to trigger sensor actions such as relay closures through Security Center event-toaction programming is supported.

“This integration allows users to optimally combine Senstar’s industry-leading perimeter intrusion
detection systems with Genetec’s Security Center platform to provide unified management of their
complete security environment.” said Senstar Product Manager Stewart Dewar. “This is a deep
integration that enables users to take full advantage of all the features of Senstar intrusion detection
systems from within the Security Center environment.”

Senstar sensors supported by the integration include OmniTrax® buried cable sensor, Senstar LM100™
hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system, FlexZone® fence sensor, FiberPatrol® FP1150 and FP400 fiber optic fence sensors, UltraWave™ microwave sensor, XField® electrostatic sensor, and UltraLink™ input and output modules.

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