Saudi Arabia’s NCA launches training program to qualify teachers in cybersecurity

Saudi Arabia’s NCA launches training program to qualify teachers in cybersecurity

The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) has announced in partnership with the Ministry of Education the launch of a specialised training program to qualify men and women teachers in cybersecurity and child protection on the Internet.

The training program is part of a program to develop the cybersecurity sector within the framework of its strategic objectives aimed at qualifying ambassadors for cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia, and providing them with the knowledge to develop their skills in the field to deliver the concepts and basics of cybersecurity to larger segments of society.

NCA stressed that the training program aims to enhance cybersecurity at the national level and to provide teachers with the essential skills, as well as develop the awareness of society in the field. It also contributes to localising the training and transferring of expertise among the teaching cadres in education departments in Saudi Arabia.

The program will have several training courses including the principles of cybersecurity, introduction to network security and child protection on the internet. It will also prepare teachers on the requirements to obtain international professional certificates in cybersecurity.

The program will be joined by a group of trainers who were participating in training the targeted groups of the second phase of the “My School is Programming” competition.

The competition is part of the education ministry’s initiatives to develop the culture of computer learning to improve the skills of teachers and students from public, private and international education systems.

NCA noted that the training program conducted in partnership with the education ministry and in cooperation with the Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE) comes as an extension of its efforts in developing skills in the field of cybersecurity, and also to enhance the contribution of cybersecurity sector to the economic and social growth of Saudi Arabia, and to encourage innovation and investment in this field.

NCA is the competent authority in cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia and the national reference in its affairs. It aims to enhance this field to protect the country’s vital interests and national security, in addition to protecting the sensitive infrastructure and government services and activities.

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