Safe Security board welcomes cybersecurity veteran

Safe Security board welcomes cybersecurity veteran

Safe Security has announced the appointment of Michael Johnson to its board of directors.

The company is a global leader in cybersecurity and digital risk quantification, which uses its ML-enabled, API-first SAFE platform to help organisations worldwide measure and mitigate enterprise-wide cyber risks in real time. The platform aggregates automated signals across people, process and technology to predict the breach likelihood (the SAFE score) and the cost of the risk to an organisation.

Johnson has been advising Safe Security since December 2020, prior to his appointment to the board in December 2021. He currently serves as Chief Information Security Officer, Meta Financial Technologies, Meta Platforms, Inc, and held previous roles at Capital One, the US Department of Energy and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

“We are delighted to welcome Michael, a veteran in cybersecurity to the Safe Security Board,” said Saket Modi, Co-founder & CEO of Safe Security. “Michael’s experience in managing cybersecurity for government and large organisations in the US is indispensable. His expertise in building and executing cybersecurity strategies, coupled with his deep understanding of cyber is extremely valuable for us as we grow and expand to achieve our mission to become the defacto industry standard to measure, manage and mitigate cyber risk.”

Commenting on his appointment, Johnson said, “Cyber represents existential risk to trust-based, digital organisations, and as cyber threats continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, managing cyber risk is critical.

“It is incumbent on all business risk executives and stakeholders – to include board directors, corporate and C-suite executives, business leaders, technologists, auditors, regulators, etc. – to assess, prioritise, and manage security risk. A contextual and real-time quantification of cyber risk is an absolute imperative to ensure proactive and predictive cybersecurity. I am excited to continue to help Safe Security standardise quantitative cyber risk management and communication for organisations around the world.”