RUCKUS Networks launches AI-Driven solutions for hospitality

RUCKUS Networks launches AI-Driven solutions for hospitality

CommScope launched a new suite of RUCKUS Networks solutions specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

This suite aims to enhance operational efficiency, sustainability, and brand loyalty across hospitality brands and locations. It provides the latest AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 solutions that offer high-performance services and simplifies technology deployment using AI-driven cloud-based management and assurance, which reduces IT-related costs and improves guest experiences.

Clayton Melson, Senior Communications Manager, Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando said: “Loews Hotels is a family-owned brand of 26 luxury hotels and resorts that’s obsessed with delivering the most amazing experience to every guest.

“We’re continuously optimizing our network using recommendations made by RUCKUS AI. We’ve deployed AI-driven RUCKUS wired and Wi-Fi solutions throughout our properties to tailor each guest’s connectivity experience to perfection. With RUCKUS AI, we’ve significantly improved our IT efficiency by reducing mean time to identification (MTTI) by 80% and mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 70%. From proactive network management to personalized bandwidth allocation, our AI-driven approach ensures that every guest is delighted.”

The suite also offers purpose-built features that are tailored to the needs of different stakeholders in the hospitality industry. These features include identity-based differentiated experiences, brand compliance, and industry-aligned license management. Several hotel brands have already benefited from RUCKUS AI, improving their IT efficiency and reducing the time to identify and solve IT-related issues.

Bart Giordano, SVP and president, of Networking, Intelligent Cellular & Security Solutions, CommScope said: “The RUCKUS suite of hospitality solutions is purpose driven to meet two of the biggest needs in the hospitality industry: improving brand loyalty and operational efficiency.

“We’ve leveraged AI, Wi-Fi 7, and our proven cloud-native network management and assurance solutions to make it easier than ever to deliver amazing guest experiences; scale that experience across services, brands, and locations; and create new efficiencies that span the entire value delivery chain. In other words, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to deliver and maintain the best digital hospitality experiences.”

The RUCKUS suite of hospitality solutions aims to improve brand loyalty and operational efficiency in the hospitality industry.