RobotEye revolutionises surveillance with AI-powered security for a sustainable future

RobotEye revolutionises surveillance with AI-powered security for a sustainable future

RobotEye specialises in integrating advanced security solutions with sustainable practices and has been doing so since the company’s introduction to the market, four years ago.

The company operates in high-risk environments, and its solutions equip public safety and wildlife sectors with critical situational awareness, demonstrating a commitment to peace and environmental stewardship.

“With our global plug-and-play solutions, we are setting new standards in situational awareness for high-risk environments and fostering an equilibrium between security and environmental stewardship,” stated the CEO of RobotEye Bariş Ünver. This declaration comes on the heels of the introduction of a trailblazing surveillance device set to radically enhance defense operations and conserve wildlife.

Source: Kapan Solo

Born out of necessity, following an incident in 2019 Kapan Solo was created, a real-time analysis, monitoring and management software for GSM-based trail cameras.

Developed with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Kapan Solo stands out for its ability to discern between various movements with exceptional accuracy, substantially reducing false alarms. Its integration with satellite connectivity streamlines command and control, offering a robust platform for data management that is both secure and efficient.

Furthermore, Kapan Solo enhances wildlife conservation through its advanced surveillance technology, AI-powered monitoring, and adaptability to remote and high-risk environments. Its capabilities in real-time data processing and intelligent species identification make it an essential tool in modern conservation strategies, balancing the need for security with the imperative of protecting natural ecosystems and preserving endangered species.

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