Ring confirms release of second generation indoor camera

Ring confirms release of second generation indoor camera

Home Surveillance solution company Ring has announced that their second generation of Indoor Camera will be coming to the UAE.

The company have added a wide range of features that will allow the product to stand out in its field, such as a manual, removable privacy cover – to ensure that you control who can see through the camera – and when.

Ring features include:

Two-way talk: allowing you to verify who is at your door.

1080p Live Video: This can automatically record when an event takes place at the front door of your establishment, permanently having you covered.

Live View: So you can keep track of a situation as it develops.

Customisable motion: No longer will birds, or stray cats set off your motion camera, set it to be specific people – and only those close to your property.

Specific to the second generation camera, is Colour Night Vision, meaning that if an event happens late at night, or an individual tries to obscure your camera, filtered colour lenses will activate, allowing you to still see what is happening on your property – all of these features come in especially handy with the Ring Mobile App – see the interactive view below!

The goal of the Ring camera is to provide greater control over who approaches and enters your property. You have the last say, and ultimate verification.

Find out more through Ring’s official website.